Well, for anyone happening to read this, hello. I'm the new admin of this wikia after successfully adopting it. 

One of the first things I did was change the setting so only logged users can edit. This was mainly to help reduce vandalism (not that this is an issue at the moment tbh but you never know) as well as make it so if someone makes a change, the original creator might have a way to contact you. (Hey someone might appreciate the help and what to leave you a thank you!) 

In an effort to organise it I went around all the created pages and gave them a category and am now currently replacing the pages which have an old infobox with the new model which is currently used on the main Ao no exorcist wikia. 

In not changing or adding any other information than the one provided in the original infobox and if a page lacked one to begin with I will not add it for that would require inferring information from whatever is written on the page and that might lead me to inserting false/wrong info. 

Also, in regard to the categories, as they help recommend other character pages which might interest you they should be similar in the sense of is your character is a knight then everyone who wants to add that category should write it the same way. (Categories are case sensitive) This helps not only the website to show you other character sorted into the same category but it helps keep this place tidy so I would really appreciate any new (or returning) content creators to bear that in mind TT.TT 

If there are any issues at all, please contact me via my talk page or even leave a comment under this blog post! 

Till next time,