Mori Yuuka



Mori is a person who likes to jump to conclusions really fast, so she usually misinterprets or misunderstands people a lot. Other than that, Mori is a happy and laid-back person. She gets a bad grade? She does some weird face ( aka the "Yuuka tried " face ) and try not to screams. Her temper is a bit short but she tries her best to control it.


Mori has light blue-green hair at the moment, with a quite big black gap on the right side. She used to have brown hair, but a Demon cursed her appearance. ( More shall be explained in the backstory ) Her height is entirely short, bring around 4'10". She has calm green eyes and fairly pale skin. Most of her hair is hid behind her hat.

Speaking of clothing, Mori wears her orphanage clothes. She refuses to wear the uniform in honor of her orphanage. Her host family had to write a long letter explaining the reason.


  • Yukio Okumura- her church had told her many things about the kind brunette they met on their visit to the church. It made Mori grow excited and have more wishes to visit Japan. Now that she's under the wing of Yukio himself, she idolizes him and of course, calls him "senpai".
  • Rin Okumura- Mori had been very surprised to learn that Yukio has a brother, and they first thing she said to him was. "The Churchx never told Yuuka your story." They are close friends and often pull pranks on eachother.


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