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Rinashiro Okumura



Female Female






118 lbs.


April 21st

Hair Color

Navy Blue/Black

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order



Exorcist Information

Middle Class



Personal Status



Rinashiro has black and navy blue hair that has spiky long hair. She also has bangs that are long from her ear side. In chapter 3 or 4 of the doujin, her hair style changes. At school she wears her uniform and sometimes has her sword bag around her left shoulder. When out of school she wears tank tops, bikinis, sleeping clothes, various unique and original shirts, shorts,
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dresses, pants, and kimonos. She also has slight pail but tan skin with the blue eyes of her. Her eyes are red/blue in demon form, with her ears getting longer ears. Right now, having regular pointy ears. Another thing is her black tail. Her eyebrows are black. At times, she'll wear props and jewlre. 


Rinashiro is a short-temper girl with a kind heart. She is a very confidence person and hardly ever gives up. She is a very determine independent women. She is mainly cheery until you hurt a friend or loved one. She also likes to laugh when she hears a good joke. She's smart and intelligent. Also, has great talents. She's also loyal and helps a friend in need. She can be reckless in a fight but knows her stragedy when fighting. Also, she never holds back. 


Back when she was in grade school, people made fun of Rinashiro because she had pointy ears and teeth, along with a tail. She lost control back then but was stopped from her Foster parents. She was led to a better path later on.

Her Foster parents told her who her "real" parents were but then her parents died when she was 14 years old. She lived with her grandma until she turned 16 (It was Feburary a month more till she turned 17).

She started her journey to becoming an exorcist. which she found out she had two brothers. She thought that "at least I have these sweet brother".

It seems Rin and her have the same path that they are taking.


Rin: When she met Rin, she thought of his reaction of her being sister was funny and normal. Her and Rin do get along quite fine at the most part. They joke around Yukio at time here and there. She is just glad that she has a brother to relate to.

Yukio: Rinashiro thinks he's cool and shouldn't be so afraid of demons. She cheers him out of his fear. She knows how to make Yukio feel safe and comfortable. Since Rinashiro relates to Rin, she does tend to mae him made but overall Yukio is a lucky thing for her to have as much as Rin is.

Shura Kirigakure: Rinashiro thought the way she dressed wasn't the best suited but she realized Shura means well. Even though she gets mad when she gets on her nerves.

Jellal: She hates his guts. He just came to kill her because he can. 

Suki: Because she alomost hurt Rin, she is not fund of Suki.

Miwa Konekomaru: Rinashiro likes how Koneko is smart and can think of amazing strageties. 

Ryujii Suguro: Gets in funny teasing arguements at times but she knows that Ryujii is a nice guy. She likes how he knows his goal.

Izumo Kamiki: She knows that Izumo means well but wishes she was nice with Shiemi. 

Amaimon: She gets annoyed by him but knows he's an ok-ish guy. 

Mephisto: She thinks that Mephisto is weirdest guy she's ever known but know he's decent person in personality wise.

Renzo Shima: She loves everything about him. She even kills bugs for Shima. She knows that Shima is nice and knows he may flirt with girls but he means well. In fact, she "loves" Shima. She even makes food for him for lunch and a few doujins.


  • Likes to watch anime, make food, draw, write, etc.
  • She has a crush on Shima
  • When she graduates, she wants to marry Shima.
  • Loves food
  • She's the tallest exorcist women.
  • Daydreams at times
  • Makes mangas and Doujins
  • Makes food for Shima
  • She gets A's and B's in all her classes
  • Can make people happy
  • Has black and blue flames.
  • Listen to J-pop or any music where ever she goes
  • Is a very unique girl.
  • Basically an otaku piece of shit that is a female version of Rin with some changes.