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April 1st

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Nobu (Father)
Juko (Mother)
Subaru (Brother)
Tomo (Brother)
Toya (Brother)
Soshi (Brother)
Toshiko (Brother)

Japanese Voice

Aya Hirano

English Voice

Cherami Leigh

Riiko Akino is a student at True Cross Academy, in the Exwire class. She is training to be a Aria but also gain skills of a Tamer as well


Riiko comes from a long line of priests and has five older brothers making her the only girl. Because she is the only girl she couldn't become a priest so she got trained with priestess .Her father was severely injured during the night of Blue Moon; her oldest brother took on the role of head of the family because of it.

When she was younger, Riiko father never gave her any attention as she was a girl as he wanted six sons to make sure the family name carries on, even bedridden he refuse to acknowledge her. Riiko mother also doesn't give her attention as well due to the fact that she was more into her looks and reparation. Despite her parents never giving her attention, all of her older brothers did and looked out for her also give her help when she need is. It's the reason why Riiko is never depressed or cry out for attention. It was her brother Subaru who acted more like a father to Riiko and was the one who took care of her the most when she was little, he also taught her to play the piano.. He's the only one who knew that Riiko ran away from home and made her promise to write.

Just before she turned 15 she chooses to enter True Cross Academy without her parent's permission and ran away. Although some months after she enters the academy her mother demanded that she comes home but Riiko refuses cause she wants to get stronger and she made a lot of friends

At the academy she trained to become a Aria but then discover that she is also a tamer as well.


Nyakoruru - Rin, your help is needed

Riiko asking Rin for help

Riiko has a very cheerful and enthusiastic outlook in life. When she says she gets the job done she'll do it and wants to get it out of the way. Riiko does show a talent of singing and playing the piano and the guitar also loves to pull pranks on Rin and other people, also loves cats. However, she can also be clumsy, rather clueless, and rash with her actions and often trips over her own feet. She cares deeply about her friends, especially Athol, and tries to be there for them as much as she can. When ask a question she doesn't want to answer she changes the subject to avoid answering it. She  also can't cook - when she tries she gets kick out of the kitchen. This was because she was never allowed in the kitchen when she was little.


Riiko has deep blue eyes and black hair. She userlly has her hair up which is tied with a red ribbon. She wears clothing that match her hair styles


  • Athol Akumanji - Athol is a monster and the only one in True Cross Academy. At first she was scared of him just like everybody else cause he's a monster but when she found him alone one day, she saw loneliness
    Athol and Riiko
    in his eyes and started talking to him. Over time Riiko tries to get him to open up more but always get push away. She relize she had feelings for him after spending time together and even though she is still scared of him (even more when he gets into his monster stage) Riiko still accept him for who he is.
  • Mira Sakurai - Riiko close friend. They meet in class and at first they hardly spoken to one another but it was only till Riiko drew on Rin face, Mira laughed and said she was amazing and the two became good friends after that. The two loves to go karoke with each other and go to the beach along with everyone eles
  • Tai Yuu - A childhood friend. Tai was shy around Riiko due to the fact that he's half demon. He kept that a secret from her till they were in Cross Academy, that where he show her that he's a half demon. At first Riiko was upset that he kept that secret but then started to trust Tai again.
  • Asuka Arakawa - One of Riiko friends. The two meet at True Cross Academy and was seated next to each other, they became friends quickly then.
  • Rin Okumura - When they first meet Rin crashed into Riiko and falling on top of her. When he got up he
    Annria2002 - Masterpiece

    playing a joke on Rin

    grabed her boob which made Riiko punch him. From then on the two never seen eye to eye. At time they do help each other out and Riiko also shows that from time she concerned about him. When she found out that he was a son of Satan, Riiko, like the others didn't know how to feel towards him but in the end she relize that he is the same old guy from who she punch. She also does stupit childish things to Rin, like when he asleep she draws a mustache on his face
  • Yukio Okumura - Respect


Riiko carries around purple rose beads that can restrain some demon, though it's not strong enough to restrain the blue flames. She also can chant the Fatal Verses. Riiko shown to have the power to be a tamer and can summon a white tiger demon, a Byakko, named Kanji. It absorbs aura energy and fire sonic blasts from his mouth and also hides to preys for his victims. He also uses the seven "mansions", or positions, of the moon within him. She also carries around some holy water. Riiko is a long range fighter which means that's she viable close up

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  • Her name meaning is unknown
  • Aya Hirano sings this song for Riiko - Hoshi no Kakera
  • Riiko favorite food is Tonkatsu and Okonomiyaki
  • Least favorite food is Gyudon
  • She has a fear of water
  • Her favorite colour is pink


All pictures were commission by me to people on DeviantART. Riiko Akino belongs to KittyKchan

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