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Renata Diya



Female Female


20 (Host's body)


5'7" (175cm)


145 lbs (65.8kg)


October 12

Hair Color

Black with blonde streaks(Demon Form: Blue-white)

Eye Color

Mocha Brown (Demon form: Blue)

Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order



Exorcist Information


Personal Status


English Voice

Montego Glover

Renata Diya is a rogue demon that holds her ambitions above all. She's an undercover agent disguised as student in the True Cross Academy in order to collect intel that is needed for her plans to ensue.


Renata Diya comes from Gehenna, and is regarded as a demon queen. She represents the sin of Greed, and shows it through her actions. She worked her way through the ranks of the demon hierarchy, either through bribes, favors, or murder, to reach her current respected status. Because of her strength, many weaker demons are drawn to her, enabling Renata to possess a demon army that serves under her. The demons in her army typically possess an affinity for elemental fire power in some shape or form, or are reptilian/dragon-like.

Back in Gehenna, as a Red-Dragon based demon, she aimed to be at the top not only because of her greedy ambitions to take over both Gehenna and Assiah, but also to prove herself to others. In the past she had developed a crush on Vladislav Vikenti, a much stronger and renown demon. Admiring him from afar, she could have never predicted her would turn out to be a complete egotistical jerk, and she left Gehenna in a fury after being publicly mocked and embarrassed by him in front of many other demons.

When she reached Assiah, she stalked through the world looking for a suitable host. She had done this for more than a decade when she finally finds one that is satisfactory in Cape Town, South Africa; a perfect host whom is consumed by her greed and vanity. It was fairly easy to take this host over, thus resulting in no problems ocurring during the procedure. She was in and out of Africa before an exorcist response team could pick up a lead on her trail.

Her first step towards taking over Assiah was to pretend to be an Exorcist in True Cross Academy to gain intelligence on her future enemies and destroy the Vatican from the inside out. She thought it was going to be easy, as she had underestimated humanity, but it ended up posing more of a threat than she had ever thought it would.


Renata takes advantage of living in a high-school setting, often seeking out the attention and approval of her peers (much like she did back home in Gehenna). She takes on the role of the Queen Bee, and is often treated as such out because of her dominating presence. She is rude, snarky, and makes snide comments to a vast majoirty of people she meets, not caring much for differences in status. This results from having little to no respect for anyone unless they prove their worth to her. She challenges all authority, restrictions, and rules, often taking great pleasure in people's inability to deal with her boisterous nature.

Even though she has a sharp tongue, she can show a better side (which is better than nothing) if you submit to her rule. She will also fake being nice and friendly to further her ambitions, for example, becoming friends with Frisco Sandego and Aura Shimizu. This is just to use their strengths in her plans. If she doesn't perceive you as a threat or a potential ally, she will not treat you kindly.

Best traits: Wild, active, doer, creative, passionate, strong

Worst traits: Selfish, irresponsible, unforgiving, unpredictable



Renata clad in her uniform.

Rena Fashion

Renata's chosen style of fashion.

Renata has a bottom-heavy hourglass figure. Despite her naturally attractive body figure, most men often tend to stay away from her, unless they're either stupidly courageous or decidedly a pervert. Her eyes could turn tables and have a daring glint that make teachers fresh from graduate school tremble. Her skin is milk-chocolate colored, and her hair is thick and holds steadfast, so it's hard to style unless she dedicates a lot of time and effort. She ties her thick hair back everyday except on special occasions because otherwise it gets in the way.

She's always in a confident stance to exert her superiority. Whether that's pushing her chest out or staring down someone, she immediately makes her presence known.

Clothing-wise, Renata dresses in either extremely casual clothes or extremely fabulous clothes. There is no in-between with her. However, she doesn't like wearing skirts. You can only find her in one due to the school uniform, but that's largely forced upon her thanks to school regulations.


Renata Ryuji

Renata and Ryuji in their, sadly numbered, school days.

  • Ryuji Suguro - Ryuji and Renata got off to a rocky start. The moment they met in the classroom, they began constantly bickering. Their ideas clash too much, and they can't stand being near each other, especially when teamwork or cooperation is involved in school activities. In spite of this tension outside of their Exwire training, Renata remained an adequate partner in training exercises, far exceeding Ryuji's expectations. Whenever paired off, they would excel greatly. Their fighting styles and quick, clear-headed assessments of situations complimented each other uncannily well. Eventually, they developed a mutual respect for one another.
It doesn't end there, however. Renata chalks up their out-of-class tension to something more, and curiosity eventually leads her to flirtation. Although largely frustrated with this sudden change of treatment, Ryuji finds this affection a lot more bearable than her relentless teasing. Renata, feeling gutsy and full of it, decides to ask him out officially.
When it is later found out that Renata is a full demon and she was sentenced to death by the Vatican, Ryuji visits her in her holding cell, trying to find out for himself if it was true or not. To his dismay, she does not deny the fact that she wasn't a half-demon, and her silence is telling of her guilt. Ryuji, angry and devastated, leaves in a fit of fury. Their current relation is up in the air.

Lamia and Renata, two old friends.

  • Lamia - Lamia is a full demon baphomet-lamia hybrid that is an old friend of Renata's. The two are pretty similar in more ways than one. Their relationship consists of the two both manipulating each other, but they still consider themselves good friends. It's as close as you can get with most demons. Lamia likes to bug Renata and tease her, even going as far as to flirt with her. Lamia is the only one that can tease Renata and get away with it. Renata, if anything, is the more normal of the strange pair. They became friends because they both spent days in the past talking about their ambitious goals and how they would reach them, forgoing anything to attain victory. The two agreed to help one another surpass their adversaries. It was with the help of Lamia that Renata was able to become a demon queen, raising her ranks through the hierarchy by battling. The two are a force to be reckoned with, although, it should be noted that they are largely physical fighters that don't think their battle tactics through.

  • Vladislav Vikenti - It would be wrong and inacurrate to say that these two hate each other. Contrary to popular belief, the two could be almost considered friends. Almost.
These two headstrong personalities collide and clash, causing constant bickering. In fact, in Gehenna, they're renown for it. It was a relief when these two moved to Assiah, and the demons got a little more peace and quiet then usual (behind all the moaning of lost and tortured souls and what-not). They're at each other's necks, and their fighting mainly consists of Renata mocking Vlad, Vlad responding either sarcastically or trolling her, which results in Renata overreacting and yelling at Vlad. Back in Gehenna, this would break out into a full scale fight, which Vlad won every single time.
Despite their hardships, it is shown throughout the story how they care about each other. Renata states that "No one is allowed to lay a finger on him, ever!" which out of context, sounds nice, but what she means is that she wants to be the one to defeat the pompous man. Vladislav even saves Renata from being executed from the Vatican, saying that "It's for my benefit, and mine only". However, even Vladislav admits he has no use for such an easily angered "weakling" such as Renata. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that they secretly look out for each other, even though they go their seperate ways.

  • Mia Pyon - Mia, just like most other people influenced by Renata, are just tools Renata manipulates to use to her advantage. Renata promised Mia, an upper first class exorcist that no one really cares about (for good reason, too) that she would give her the popularity and recognition she deserved. Since Renata would eventually have to defeat Satan to get to her goal, she promised this brilliant tactician that if she could come up with the tactics to defeat both Satan and Mephisto, the Vatican would appreciate Mia's efforts and praise her. Mia, tempted by a sudden rush of greed for glory, accepted, and remains the brains of the plot. Her familiar, Ceilonis Vesuvivus, also enticed her into the plan. As it turns out, Ceilonis is actually a part of Renata's demon army and is aiding his true master in her plan to dominate the world.
Their relationship is very simple, if you could call it a relationship. Mia doesn't talk much, and when she does, she's dead serious and doesn't joke around (because they only talk when it's about their plans). Renata is just using Mia as a tool to get to where she wants. When she's done with Mia, she'll just exterminate her. Simple as that.
  • C deadplayer33 by venesauroar-d4viohx
    Mr. Piggins - Renata's eternal slave from Gehenna. Renata, way back in the past, showed a slab of mercy and saved his family from being destroyed. Ever since then, his family has been serving her in gratitude, and ultimately gave up their son to work under her. Despite what Renata calls utterly useless, he possesses an ability that Renata can't ever hope to accomplish: the ability to read her enemies. Mr. Piggins has the "Tattletale Ability", in which he can read another person's movements, fighting styles, weaknesses, and sometimes even hidden secrets.
Despite the usefulness of all that, Renata regularly abuses and beats up the little flying pig demon, who takes it all in stride. Rumour has it that Mr. Piggins is either a masochist or in love with his master, which is why he never complains or retaliates. In her story, she passes Mr. Piggins off as a familiar rather than a slave, which would obviously reveal her identity as a full demon.
  • Rocket - As an angel, their relationship shouldn't result in anything special, right? Wrong. Renata mocks angels constantly, but the way she jeers at Rocket is second-to-none. Whatever Renata dishes out, Rocket takes it, following the "turn the other cheek" rule of life. In fact, Rocket brings this upon himself by always attempting to persuade Renata to be friends with him, coax her into doing something good for other people, and failing at converting her to a person of faith. If he just left her alone, they wouldn't interact much at all. Since this isn't the case, it can be said that the two are enemies from Renata's point of view, and "getting closer to being a friend" in Rocket's warped side of things.
In the second arc of the story, Rocket finally is fed up with Renata and realizes that she will not change. At this point, Rocket has matured and realized life on Assiah isn't happy-go-lucky and he somewhat loses faith in humanity. They have a battle, which is one of the first on Rocket's part.
  • Haruki Hinokami - Rivals. Not surprising for Renata's personality and actions, Renata makes many enemies, but it's different with Haruki. She utterly despises him and can't stand being around an easily angered being (which is ironically, exactly how she is). Although, it can be said that she still watches out for him as she continues along her mission.


As a dragon, she can fly and breathe flames on a massive scale. Her flames are yellow-green. If desperate, she can use her claws (which are short and don't do much). In her human host, she can create flickers of her yellow-green flame. She can also use her tail as a whip in both forms.

Renata also has demon telepathy, which comes with being a demon. However, despite having this much power, she has weaknesses. Her fatal verse is in the Catholic Bible in James 5: 1-6. Most exorcists don't know this, even though dragons are found in the bible.

As a dragon, she can be easily shot down by a dragoon due to her massive size, and can also be shot in the wings to disable her flying ability.

It should be known that Renata fights with brute force and strength. You don't need to be some amazing battle strategist to take her out. All you really need to do is plan your moves carefully, and you'll have her beat.

Plot during anime series

Renata was mainly undercover throughout this time period, so most of her days were spent as a regular student in True Cross academy. It was during this time that she would go through missions and end up making "friends" with many of the Exwires attending her school. Whether poking fun at Ryuji Suguro, or flirting with some of her female classmates, Renata actually found her time spent in her facade to be quite enjoyable.
Renata and Ryuji drawn by by-lin-99

Renata enjoys poking fun at the other students during her spare time on campus.

Until she got a harsh wake-up call, abruptly cutting her off from her fantasy life masquerading as a highschooler. While Rocket was trying to help Arthur Auguste Angel find proof to convict Vladislav Vikenti of false identity, he accidentally happens upon a piece of evidence that led to Renata's lie instead. After thorough investigation, they find out that Renata was lying about only being a half-demon, and when brought before the Vatican, they sentence her to death.

Vladislav ends up saving her, but only to prevent her from complicating his own plans. After this happens, Renata goes back to Gehenna to appease Vlad, who suggested for her to make herself scarce to avoid any more unnecessary trouble. She makes the most out of her little "house arrest" by using this time to strengthen herself physically for the upcoming battles she would be bringing upon herself.

Renata doesn't start putting her plan in motion until the second arc of her story.

Plot out with anime series (if applicable)

After about a decade of training in Gehenna, Renata comes back to Assiah with a vengeance. IN PROGRESS


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Renata's Demon Army

Renata's army as previously stated consists of either fire-utilizing demons, demons that look like dragons, or reptillian demons. It can also be a combination of both. Some famed demons in her army are:

  • Gwou

    Gwou species. Top is female, bottom is male.

    Gwou - Gwou meet both requirements of Renata's army. They breathe fire and are reptile-like creatures (although they're more like fish than dragons). Gwou can be either gender, and have significant differences between them. It's astonishing, but Gwou each have a different personality on their own. Some are rebellious, some are cruel, some are kind, etc. They look tame, but they're pretty high in the hierarchy of Renata's army. It's the fact that they can control themselves and are conscious of their actions that make them so formidable. They are a good compatible species to have as a familiar. Much to Renata's disdain, this species in particular are drawn close to Vladislav Vikenti. It must be his scent...?
  • Mr. Piggins (Legion) - Already mentioned, Mr. Piggins comes from a pig demon species called Legion that were banished out of a man by Jesus and dwell in pigs. It was said that they all drowned themselves in the Sea of Galilee. However, Renata pities these sad pigs and saves a family of them. Renata initially regretted it, as the family never left her alone and always gave her constant gratitude, but when they offered their son to serve her, she accepted it. These demon pigs aren't very special and don't even belong in her army. They only work for her because of her sympathy. Maybe this is related to Mr.Piggins suicidal urges, or is it because of Renata's cruelty?
  • Ceilonis Vesuvivus - A species

    Ceilonis Vesuvivus

    that is rare. Ceilonis is not loyal, and only serves under Mia as a familiar to keep her under watch. This is a plan devised by Renata and Lamia, since Mia is an exorcist that is searching for Lamia to exorcise her.Ceilonis can use fire which is why it is in Renata's army. It is also fast and is a herbivore. Ceilonis rates very high in the hierarchy of Renata's army, since there is only one per century. This is why it was a risky move when Mia summoned it to be her familiar. Even though Ceilonis is not loyal, he has a certain special connection with Mia. Ceilonis is male. Approx. Height: 4ft @ shoulder Approx. Length: 12 ft from nose to tail Approx. Weight: 300 lbs
  • Valkyrie - IN PROGRESS


Character created by Caustic-Creations on deviantart.

Profile Picture: drawn by deviant xamxam

Appearance Picture and Relationship Picture (Renata & Ryuji): drawn by deviant motowa

Lamia and Renata Relationship Picture: drawn by deviant Angy89

Vladislav Vikenti Character Concept and Renata's Fashion: created (and drawn) by deviant LunarInsaNIty

Mia Pyon, Lamia, and Rocket also belong to Caustic-Creations on both DA and Wikia.