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Nori Hiyate

Hiyate Nori




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106 lbs.


April 9th

Hair Color

Light Blue

Eye Color

Hot Pink

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Professional Status

True Cross Academy


Demonology teacher

Exorcist Information

Middle Second Class



Personal Status



Catherine (Mother)
Hiroshi Hiyate (Father)
Machiko Hiyate (Twin Sister)

English Voice


Nori is an oc that appears in the unfinished story "Rose of Many Thorns". A teacher at the cram school who doesn't appear around much as her classes take place at night.


While Nori doesn't say too awful much about her past, she mentions her father tried to be a good one but his methods of teaching were a bit harsh. She enjoyed learning about demons and exorcism and about being an exorcist though as a child her only friends were demons. Realizing she'd have to kill her friends if she became an exorcist she decided she wanted to become a teacher, so the others could "learn as much as I did!"

When arriving at the cram school she had studied so much she had thought she'd ace all the placement tests with flying colors and maybe even be allowed to go on to trying to be a teacher like she'd wanted so badly. There was only one problem, Nori was a sheltered child and mostly kept inside, making it very hard for her when she was suddenly thrust into physical activity with the gym class. Being how she was really weak and feeble she decided to furiously work to make herself faster and stronger than before, training everyday after class to finally realize her dream of being the first demonology teacher. When she passed all the tests, Wataame (Sir Pheles) was impressed with her, so much so he gave her 4 different levels of the class she could teach at night as the teacher for the elective demonology class.

Personality wise, at school she felt very much like an outcast as she never really talked to real people other than the few times with her dad, she just didn't know how to interact with people due to the fact she was homeschooled and never really saw any people. She was nervous at this new, big school she'd be going to.


Nori is a generally happy and kind girl, though can have lapses in her mood making her somewhat unpredictable and sometimes even affects her personality. Aside being for the most part introverted outside of teaching her demonology class. Nori is very loving towards those she cares about and is incredibly sweet. She also tends to be very odd ,at times sleeping in the dorm closets or hiding in the vents, among other odd practices that may turn others off from her. Also rather humorous and tries to keep the mood light even in serious situations. Nori is shown to never back down from a fight, continuing until someone drags her away. She has a very strong will and is very stubborn a lot of the times.

Meister info

Nori's main weapon as a Knight is a light weight chain, painted pink and complete with thorns. Not only that it's thorns are retractable and has two roses at each end. Nori's shown to hate the thought of killing anything, so she doesn't battle. Her familiar is a white Jackalope named Sen-Sen who's antler-like horns are black as his eyes.


Nori is mostly in a masculine form of the True Cross exorcist uniform in which she usually tries to make more feminine by tying a cream colored bow around the waist. Her hair is long, curly light blue locks that reach down to the floor. Nori always has her long curly hair tied back in pigtails with hot pink bows, the same color as her eyes and she never wears shoes and goes around mostly in just black and white striped kneesocks.


Mephisto Pheles: A friend of hers when she was little, he visited every once in awhile after she gave him her music box at Mephyland in an attempt to make him happy again. Every time he visited he would bring her sweets before getting thrown off the property by her father. He stopped visiting after a few years as the Vatican was pressing too hard on him thinking it wasn't right for a demon his age to be hanging out with a little girl.

Tokoro Yui: Nori's adopted daughter. She has long jet black hair and four arms. Nori's relationship with her daughter is sweet as she treats Tokoro as if she were her own and loves her lots. Tokoro is shown to look up to Nori, wanting to be strong like her which leads her to becoming an exorcist like her.

Amaimon: Met once in the snow. Nori had in out in the lonely snow when she noticed Amaimon. She looked him over and noticed he seemed to be shivering while trying to uncover his precious earth which the snow had covered, feeling bad she took off her uniform (leaving her wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants) and draped it over him saying. "Don't stay out here too much longer okay? You look so cold..."


She hate hospitals and dolls, freaking out at both of them. Nori trained a lot to get to be stronger and faster, but still is nothing like a demon's. She also has the ability to understand demons it seems, this is most likely due to her somewhat crumbling mental state.

Plot during anime series (if applicable)


Plot out with anime series (if applicable)

Still a teacher but finds the Okumura brothers really awesome now.


  • Nori is allergic to cats
  • She can't cook
  • Loves sweets
  • Has ADHD
  • Sleeps during the day, stays up all night
  • She loves the Fatal Frame series
  • She enjoys to sleep in odd places, to get a reaction mostly (Ie: Boy's dorms in closets, vents throughout the school in which she tends to pop out of when she hears people coming. )
  • Her favorite flower is the Oleander


  • To Tokoro:"Blood relation doesn't matter, blood is all the same in the end. A daughter is a daughter and a mother is a mother, and a real mother will never leave her baby, no matter the cost."
  • In reply to Akashi's views of the Vatican during a chess game: "In reality, I think we should just form an army to overthrow the corrupt in the Vatican. I want more than anything to have humans and demons living in harmony, though, while I believe we should live in peace with each other, I don't think either side (demon or humans) are ready for worlds to be collided, it would result in too much chaos right now and they simply can't handle each other yet. Who knows though, they may never be ready. I hope they will one day though."


Drawings of Nori are by sweathands at tumblr, kaorimichaelis at deviantart and MMDTeto at deviantART (MMDTeto is also her creator)