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Mirai Sakurai



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March 23rd

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Tomoyo Sakurai (Mother) ✝ Haru Sakurai (Father) ✝

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Kristi Kang

Mira Sakurai is a student at True Cross Academy, also attending the cram school to become an exorcist. She is training to be a Knight and is a half demon. 


Mira is from a shrine that is located close to the academy. Her father was killed on the day she was born, he was a demon who fell in love with a human woman. He believed that someday humans and demons would be able to live together as one, he died protecting his newborn child and wife when exorcists from the order tried to kill the newborn and arrest the mother. By letting them escape he lost his life and Mephisto who was a dear friend of his, helped Mira and her mother get into hiding. Mira's mother was quiet but often spoke of her father with warm words, she protected Mira and kept her safe in the shrine. Teaching her in replacement of school being Mira's demon power was unstable. Her mother passed away from a long illness and when Mira was alone at age 16, Mephisto took her in and made her a student at the academy. He is fully aware of her abilities and she is also well aware that he is a demon as well as the son of Satan. Which she is forced to keep secret.

Mira was originally introverted and didn't socialize at all, she spent most of her time taking care of the shrine as well as her mother. The only people she ever talked to were her mother and Mephisto.


Mira can be quite timid until she gets to know someone, she grew up without any social contact so she tends to say inappropriate things. She does not have a filter and says whatever comes to her mind, usually making people around her get embarrassed. Mira loves animals and spent most of her time surrounded by them at the temple, therefore she is fond of Kuro as well as Nii and other demons. She likes to play pranks and tries to be as upbeat as she can, she is not one for talking about her past or sharing personal problems and feelings. She is also really bad at expressing her feelings, either way she does her best to work hard and is very loyal to her friends. Willing to sacrifice her life for them in a heartbeat. Mira wants to carry on her parents will and protect humans from bad demons and good demons from humans who won't give them a chance.


Mira taking about how it is natural to engage in masturbation

Her demon blood takes over when her heart races fast. She becomes extremely erotic. She loses control of her body and seaks pleasure to any extent. Because of her closeness and original feelings for Rin she tends to turn to him when it comes to satisfying herself. She doesn't need to mate to calm herself down, sometimes even a forceful kiss is enough to stop her. However if she is unable to get a release of serotonin she will go on a rampage and attack anything in her sight. She is quite fearful of this, which is why she tends to avoid people.

Later on when she becomes involved with Ryuji she turns to him instead of Rin, due to them being in a relationship.

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Rin, Mira and Kuro all talking through their demonic telepathy


Mira thanking Ryuji for helping her study! She passed the test!


Mira has blue hair which she usually wears in a side ponytail, her hair is let down when she is fighting. she has pink eyes and a young looking face, she also loves cute clothing and underwear.

Mira has blue hair held up by a thin black bow, tied around the base of the ponytail like a scrunchie. The ponytail is on the left side of her head. Her hair is let down when fighting. She has wide, hot pink eyes. She is noted to look rather young. She often wears "cute" underwear, such as pink panties with lace around the edges and a black bow. Her skin is slightly tanned and she has a curvy figure, with large breasts and slightly smaller hips. She wears the standard Cram School uniform, but leaves the shirt un-tucked as well as not wearing the beige vest.


  • Rin Okumura - Rin is the first person Mira met at the academy when Mephisto ordered her to live in the dorm with him and his brother. She finds him quite attractive and in first meeting him realized he was a demon which she promised to keep a secret. She is quite fond of his tail and loves to play with it, first meeting when grabbing it caused Rin to freak out and land on top of her. This causing Mira's heart to race fast and with no control made a move on him which was interrupted before anything could happen. She enjoys spending time
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    Rin's baking, Mira excited to eat it

    with him and adores the fact that he can cook since she loves to eat. She quickly developed a crush on him which results in her heart racing fast whenever around him. Rin is aware of her erotic condition, which sometimes causes him to try to get a rise out of her, suggesting that he has feelings for her as well. She found out that he was the son of Satan before the others when she played around with him, grabbing his sword and in turn revealing his blue flames. He was surprised that she didn't mind and told him she thought his flames were beautiful. She ended up helping Rin fight Amaimon in attempt to protect Rin and the others. When the others found out about Rin, Mira continued to defend him. Ryuji was the only one who was mad at her for unknown reasons at the time. The others didn't care that Mira had demon blood but the fact that she hid it and also knew about Rin. When Rin was taken away Mira freaked out, crying and screaming in fear that he would be killed. Later finding out he was okay she was extremely revealed. At this time she realized that her feelings for Rin were more of a brother and best friend then love. Even after her and Ryuji got together Rin and Mira continue to be best friends. 
  • Mephisto Pheles- Mephisto was a close friend with Mira's father, since his death Mephi
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    sto would often check up on her and her mother. Mira is quite fond of him and thinks of him like an older brother. He refers to her as Princess and she refers to him as Mephy. Mira often visits him in his office and the two of them tend to play video games, cards or watch anime together. She never beats him in cards though, he also has a habit of dressing her up in cute clothing, she usually doesn't mind untill he shows Rin the photo album of her cosplay photos. Mira trusts Mephisto with her life and if she has a problem or needs help she will go to him. Mephisto cares a lot about her and makes sure through his games that she will never be in harm. Mirai's quite fond of when Mephisto turns into a dog, she tends to cuddle him which makes Rin a bit angry.
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  • Ryuji Suguro- Mira and Ryuji started off at odds but soon became really close friends, she sees a lot of mystery behind him and his tough exterior and therefor tries to figure out why. She likes that he is a softy and ends up developing feelings for him quite quickly, feeling like a terrible person having feelings for two guys. The two of them spend a lot of time together when Ryuji needs a break from his friends. Mira right away called him Ryuji which he found inappropriate being they weren't close friends, later on he starts calling her Mira as well. He also develops feelings for her but sees how close she and Rin are, due to this he becomes quite short tempered when the two of them are together. On a mission to a hot spring where it was just her, Ryuji and Koneko she figures out with the help of a ghost that she has feelings for Ryuji. During the Kyoto arc she realizes just how strong her feelings are for him and joins Rin in the battle to protect him. After the Impure King is defeated they both confess their feelings for each other.
  • Yukio Okumura- Mira isn't too close with him, but she does respect him as a teacher. She thinks he is really nice and is well aware of his feelings for Shiemi which makes her joke about it a lot making him blush.
  • Renzo Shima- Mira and Renzo are good friends, both perverts so they tend to joke around a lot, Renzo is aware of Bon's feelings for her and tries to set them up a lot.
  • Riiko Akino- Mira's best female friend, the two of them sit together in class and both love to pull pranks especially on Rin. The two both love to sing and tend to go to karaoke a lot.


  • Loves to eat (especially sweets)
  • Sneaks into Rin's room at night to sleep 
  • Hates the fact she can't control her perverted take overs
  • Favorite flower is cherry blossoms
  • Is a very good singer
  • Can't cook worth a damn
  • Adores Kuro
  • Mira is able to talk to Kuro like Rin is
  • Mira is terrible at studying so Ryuji tends to help her