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Mikado Suzuki



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173 cm (5" 8')


64.5 kg


March 27th

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Katsuyuki Konishi

Mikado Suzuki is an Exwire at True Cross Accademy and is studying to become a Tamer. Mikado was created by Nao-chan101 on deviantArt.


Mikado grew up as a normal boy, participating in the yearly traditions of his family, and studying at a normal school. When his younger brother, Ikuto, was born he became very protective of him and supported him whenever he could. Due to their family living close to a shrine, the Suzuki family often visited, praying to the dieties for things as big as watching over them throughout the year, or for smaller things like guidance for exams and the such.

About a month or so before Mikado's 12th birthday, Ikuto fell seriously ill and was bedridden. Mikado, being rather worried for his brother, wanted to take him with him to visit the temples to pray to the deity. He argued with his parents and eventually they brought Ikuto with them on their next weekly trip to the temple. When they arrived though, the temple looked like it had been hit with a bomb and, ignoring their parents warning pleas, the two boys ran into the rubble where they came across a creature, which the boys took to being the deity or god of the temple.

Ikuto, being the caring and observing kind, tried to step towards it when he realised it was in pain. When he was close to the spirit though, it turned, becoming a gruesome and horrible demon-like monster. It leapt onto Ikuto and, in front of Mikado's horrified eyes, mauled his little brother to death.

After his brother's death, Mikado's parents grew distant and almost dead of heart. His mother, who shared the same weak body as her deceased son, began to get sick more often and Mikado took it as his reponsibility to care for her and his father.

When he was the right age, he applied for True Cross Academy to study and train to become an Exorcist for he wanted to help decline the amount of families that were to break up and crumble because of the demons of Gehenna.

Mikado strives to become a Tamer, and when he found out that he could summon Saiko , the canine cross-breed demon, as his familiar, he was rather happy. After a few accounts where Saiko had turned and almost killed him due to his lack of motive and a drop to his self-esteem, Mikado finally now has a main goal that keeps his heart strong enough for his familiar to obey him. His motive though, is known only to him, but there are some speculations that its got something to do with a family member.


  • Interaction towards others: Mikado tends to categorize people into two groups; those that have deserved his trust,which include his friends and people who have proved to be strong in all aspects (which includes teachers and higher levelled Exorcists) and those that are just the 'filler' characters. To the people he holds in his first group he will speak to kindly, though he always speaks what's on his mind, and tells the blatant truth, so he often gets hit over the head.
    To the people he holds in the other category, he wont speak to, unless he wants to. Again, because it's against his better nature to lie, he will still tell the blatant truth and he gets into a lot of fights.
    He speaks with a bored and uninterested tone usually, unless he's surprised or angry.
  • What makes him angry/upset: People who pester him a lot gets on his nerves, and he tends to blurt out mean things that gets him into fights. He's not overall violent but he knows a large range of comebacks and phrases that can piss off his attackers into attacking. He tries to hold his cool though, as he finds petty fight to be boring. He's got a deep grudge against demons as one mauled his younger brother, whom he was rather close with, and when faced with one he gets angry rather quickly. No matter how strong or high up the person may be, if they are part-demon he's always keeping an eye on them, even if he's slightly friendly with them. He's not overly fond of having a demon principal the school, but he doesn't go around saying so, he knows not to.
  • Mikado isn't easily upset, but he tends to get emotionally unstable on the anniversary of his brother's death, often lashing out at people if provoked and tends to speak the rash truth more often, though on this day he usually cancels whatever was planned and visits his grave. He usually goes alone but one day, after Mikado and Fuyu are dating, she goes along with him and is the first in the school to witness him cry.
  • Overall Personality: Mikado has a somewhat serious nature and often refrains from speaking to people that he doesn’t consider a friend or someone that doesn't need respect in his eyes. Being a man of few words, he is often seen sitting in a quiet area and reading the same book over, the contents of the book however are unknown. He does have a sense of humour, even if it is crude at times, and is known to make a joke in reply to someone's question towards him, if in the mood, which he hardly is. It's always obvious when Mikado is angered as he speaks his mind, not caring who hears. He set it in mind to not lie, even when in a passive mood, he can blurt out the most embarrassing stuff at times, not caring if it is crude or completely wrong in anyway.


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Basic school uniform. Top buttons are usually kept undone, and he often leaves his tie at home.

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Mikado's seasonal wear

Mikado is 173 centimetres tall and weighs 64,5 kilograms. He has tanned skin, orange-brown eyes and long marroon hair that, when down, almost reaches the middle of his back. Most of the time he keeps it tied up in a high ponytail, with his left bangs tied back and kept out of his face, and the shorter parts of his hair hangs loose from the ponytail. His legs are long compared to his upper body, and is where his height comes from.


  • Fuyu Erifu; When Fuyu joins True Cross Academy, Mikado is indifferent to her, and pretty much ignores her. He doesn't notice her until a few weeks afterwards when he bumps into her accidentally, not noticing her because he wasn't paying attention and because of her size. After apologising he finds that he can't keep his eyes off her and when in class, to his annoyance, finds himself watching her work. Having the seat nearest the back was an advantage for him as he could sit there and watch her without getting caught, but the reason why he did so annoyed him. He confronts her a few times and questions her, trying to see if its just a suspicion, but in the end he realises, with a shock, what he really feels for her is love. After going into denial he ends up confessing to her.


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Plot after the anime series.

After the first season of anime, when the academy is rebuilt, Mikado transfers into the school.


  • '​'Likes: Mikado has a soft spot with canines, mainly dogs and wolves, and usually lets his wall of seriousness down when around them. He likes staring at the sky, espcially when there is a thunder storm, for he likes the look of the lightening passing through the clouds. He likes sour and spicy food.
  • Dislikes: He is allergic to cats and most rodents so he takes quite the disliking to them. Not that he will admit it but he is scared of snakes and often shows signs of nervousness and discomfort if he's around Shura when she uses her familiars. He's not a big fan of sweets but will eat them from time to time.