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December 8th

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Makoto Shirayuki (白雪誠Shirayuki Makoto) is a student at True Cross Academy. She's also attending cram school to become an Exorcist


Makoto has long black hair that she sometimes pulls back in a red ribbon or ties it slightly with a pink ribbon. Makoto is seen wearing the school uniform, out of school she wears a tank top, jeans, shorts or a skirt. During colder times she wears a sweater.


Makoto is very cheerful, loud and outgoing. At first she is seen to be very shy around people due to her not having any contact with humans. After meeting Rin she becomes more accustomed to being around people other than her siblings and parents. She's very witty, cracking up a joke every now and then. Makoto is very fond of animals, due to her living away from humans she kept more contact with animals that live near the shrine she lived with her family.


Makoto comes from a family of 7. Her mother is a Yuki-Onna and her father is a human. Her father was an exorcist, who believed that not all demons are evil and believed that they could co-exist with one another. She lost her eldest brother, Sora as a child. Makoto was closer to him more than her other siblings. The two played together, Sora taught Makoto how to cook, and read stories to her. One day, Sora lost control due to an accident that happened to Makoto. The accident left a scar on Makoto's stomach. Sora was not wearing the choaker that sealed almost all of his demonic powers. After the loss of  her brother, Makoto was very depressed. All she had left from him was a stuffed bear he gave her.

Year after year, Makoto improved everything Sora taught her then decided to follow her father's foot steps in becoming an Exorcist. Her previous goal was to be a Knight, but then changed her mind and decided to become a Doctor instead, since her fighting skills aren't good enough.


  • Rin Okumura: Rin is Makoto's first friend. When Makoto found out that her dorm was in the same building as his, she was both surprised and thrilled. The two have been close from the start. They are similar, yet different. Makoto's study habbits aren't like Rin's, yet she tends to slack off. Makoto quickly revealed to him, along side the rest of the cram school students that she is a half demon. Makoto found out about Rin being the son of Satan due to Ryuji teasing him. At first, Makoto was shy around Rin. However, that shyness faded after a day. The two are seen eating together, joking around and playing around with each other. Makoto has feelings for Rin. She's there for him when he needs a shoulder to cry on, she gives him space when he asks. She understands him in some ways.
  • Yukio Okumura: Being Rin's twin brother and her teacher, she highly respects him. Though, that doesn't stop her from pranking him with Rin every once in a while. She admires him due to her seeing similarities with her deseased brother, Sora.
  • Ryuji Suguro: Makoto and Ryuji definately do not get along well. Ryuji, not being very fond of demons is one of the main reasons. Makoto wants to be friends with him, but, Ryuji is so stubborn. The two constantly get into arguements. Over time, just like how Ryuji started warming up to Rin(even though he denies it), he started to warm up to Makoto, their arguements aren't as bad as from the start.
  • Konekomaru Miwa: Due to Makoto revealing herself as a half demon on her first day, Konekomaru kept himself distant from her. Over time he started to get used to her. The two started talking more showing how their relationship improved and became good friends.
  • Renzo Shima: At first Makoto didn't talk much to Shima, due to him always flirting with almost every girl in school. She is highly annoyed by him. However, after finally talking to him, she found out they have some similarities.
  • Izumo Kamiki: Makoto doesn't talk much to Izumo. Although they don't interact much, Makoto feels that one day they could be good friends like the rest of her classmates.
  • Shiemi Moriyama: Although Shiemi was a bit spooked that Makoto was a half demon, Shiemi saw no difference between her and Rin. The two became close over time. They often talk about gardening and about Cram School Work.
  • Mephisto Pheles: Makoto and Mephisto's relationship is kind of strange. Mephisto may be "good friends" with her father, but Makoto can't shake off the feeling that she shouldn't trust him so much. She feels uneasy about it.


  • Makoto loves flowers.
  • She heals faster than a human, yet slightly slower than any other demons.
  • She loves food. Giving her food is like proposing to her.
  • Makoto has a tendency to space out a lot.
  • She can be very emotional at times.
  • She loves children.
  • Her average grades are B's and C's
  • She sleeps 9 hours a day.
  • She talks to her staff Katashi when she's bored.
  • She's not much of a fighter. She's horrible no matter how much she trains.
  • Auttumn is her favorite season.
  • Although, the Okumura Twins have a familiar "Ukobach" in their kitchen that helps out Rin cook, Makoto sometimes asks Ukobach to help her cook to surprise the Okumura brothers. These times when it comes to her cooking do not happen too often.
  • She sleeps in her underwear and a large long sleeved shirt.
  • She cannot be in a place with super high temperatures. She will get dehydrated and will get high fevers.
  • Her father has kept her "in touch" with todays technology so she is aware of what a phone, a TV and everything else is.