Lydia is originally from Britain, but attends the Cram School and recieved her temptaint at age eleven. She has a carefree disposition and often acts without thinking, which makes some people view her as too upfront.


Lydia is short, being only 5’3“ and has a smaller build. She is lithe and flexible, having a dance background. (“When I was younger, dance was what I lived for..” - to Shima) She is in generally good health. Her cup size is a 36A.

Her hair is a blondish brown, and is half up half down. Her eyes are a blue-grey and her skin is relatively pale. She has a permanent blush, which only gets worse as she gets actually embarassed.


At a glance, she appears carefree, cheerful and someone who takes life as it is, but it is later revealed that it is an act to hide her deep-thinking and second-guessing true self.

In truth, she is a shy but sharp-tongued girl but acts differently towards others to make herself feel better around others.