"There will be a day when you humans stop killing demons when you guys realized that they also live inside you . Me i just was born a Demon but im also human". leilah to ryuji (still working)

leilah(Dark beauty) is the Daughter of satan . she is known as the princess of genenna her human name is shiori tsukino.


Leilah resemble Yuri a lot with her wavy hair and eyes the only different is leilah has one mole on the left side of her Face.At first she wears a purple dress with a black leather jacket .upon entering true cross


Leilah has her own unique personality she is sneaky , sassy ,and ruthless she is also vengeful and doesn't forgive others easily .she is not found of being tould what she can and can not do more so coming from her brothers.According to paimon leilah has a obsession of getting herself into trouble She also has her own why of getting what she wants( By muplulation) also hates the color pink because she finds the color horrid .However she is very kind,funny,playful and very skilled at art she only put on her "Bad girl " act because she doesn't want to look weak in her fathers eyes and to keep herself from fulling in love and getting to close to anyone , but renzo is the only one who can see through her acts (including herself ).


Being rise in gehenna by satan , Leilah had no desire to explore assiah