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Female Female


24 (Host's body)




134 lbs.


April 2nd

Hair Color


Eye Color

Purple orchid

Blood Type


Personal Status



A lamia (Mother)
A baphomet (Father)

Lamia is a demon that is friends with Renata Diya and helps her along her path for her own ambitions. She surfaces into Assiah to search for Astaroth , the King of Rot, for reasons that aren't revealed to any canon characters (but will be revealed here).


Lamia was born from a baphomet and lamia, two demons that intermingled. Since both demons are known to be generally dim-witted, the name given to their daughter was simple: "Lamia". Their daughter immediately realized the only way to earn respect and recognition from other demons was to be involved with stronger - and smarter - demons. Thus she tried to get together with many other demons. More often than not, she suceeded in sleeping with them, but it never escalated further than that. However, when she speaks, most other demons listen.

Lamia finally decided to leave Gehenna to begin receiving such attention for herself through her actions rather than getting it because of the demons she sleeps with. When she gets to Assiah, the first thing she does is seeking out Astaroth and other demons she is familiar with in the hopes to use them.

Even though she managed to stop her promiscuous behaviour when she arrives on Assiah, she can still be found flirting with most beings and creatures she crosses paths with.


She is manipulative, charming, and seductive. These three traits balance and work out with each other. This is mainly because she is a full demon and part lamia. Despite this, she is sociable and quite the chatterbox. Once you got her started, you can't stop her unless you bring up a topic she can't speak much about.

Lamia is also a very jealous, arrogant, and vain person. She's jealous because of how friends like Renata can recieve a lot of attention and support when it seems so effortless. This jealousy can sometimes blind her and make her choose decisions that under normal circumstances shouldn't be made. The arrogance comes from her personal defense mechanism that makes her feel better about herself and her failures. She's also a very vain person and considers herself higher than most other creatures. Again, another way she comforts her ego to make her feel better.


Lamia by inanagi-d4vbqq0

Lamia's Appearance

Lamia generally copies the cultural clothes of the places she visits in Assiah, which is what she did long ago when she first went there. Although, it should be noted she chooses these garments stereotypically and doesn't regard the actual cultural meanings or significance of certain clothes, such as the obi she ties up in the front during her stay in Japan. She also wears it to hide her exposed ram legs. Even though she finds her legs as attractive and appealing, she understands that humans may not feel the same, even if her baphomet features are only visible to those with a spirit wound.

Physically, the host she had taken over had black hair that bears a strong brown hue. In the presence of strong light, the black aspects of her hair almost disappears. Her hair is very curly and goes down to the small of her back. She has a pair of curled ram horns and legs. The reason they're out and not hidden through the host she took over is because in contrast to Renata, she chose a host at random. Since the host was strong, it didn't fully succumb to the demon taking her over. Lamia's eyes are purple and when her powers are activated completely, you can see a star-shaped symbol in them.


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Character created by Caustic-Creations  on deviantart. Lamia pictures drawn by: ArtisticKittyKat, Inanagi respectively.