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Juliette Boyle

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Juliette Boyle is an Exwire of the True Cross Order, and is training to become a Aria . Julie belongs to Myttens from Deviant Art .


Juliette is the granddaughter of David Boyle, 9th earl of Glasgow. During her childhood she’s mainly raised by her grandmother, Dorothea Lyle. Julie was born outside a marriage which makes her a bastard child. However her mother wasn’t allowed to marry beneath her class thus her mother gave Julie her last name instead of the fathers. This was chosen so Julie would be accepted within the Boyle family. Julie’s mother, Nichola, was once a student at the True Cross Academy, and once she had graduated she kept very close ties with it, even teaching classes in the cram school occasionally. After Julie was born, she stayed in Japan while Dorothea Lyle (her mother and Julie’s grandmother) took care of her child for the beginning of her life. Due to Nichola being a single mother and an exorcist, she had no time to care for her daughter. Once Julie was old enough, her parent and grandmother agreed that she would be sent to boarding schools in Scotland. During the vacations Julie would, once again, stay with her Grandmother who would help her with her singing. During her holidays in Japan, Nichola would go back to Scotland to spend time with her daughter, using what time they had to get to know one another. Nichola and Julie connected with each other as they spent more time together, until one day, Julie was attacked by an unknown demon, and Nichola was killed while protecting her daughter. After the incident, Julie was motivated to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and go to Japan to learn to be an exorcist. Her mother’s ties with the academy allowed her to be accepted in very easily.

Until she moved to True Cross Academy, Julie had no idea that she was part Siren. For a class project one day, the students were required to investigate their heritage, and Julie managed to find an old family tree revealing her family’s past. She was shocked to realise that not only was her mother half demon, she had inherited this and was ¼ demon. She later confronted her Grandmother about this, and found that it was not a mistake, and she was indeed, part Siren.


As Julie was bullied for her height, freckles, and hair colour while in Scotland, she likes being the one in control of situations, and is scared of the bullying starting again. She prefers to tease those under her so that people cannot do the same to her. She is a nice person to those she likes, and is close too, other’s believing that is the only reason she has friends. Because of the way other kids treated her in Scotland, Julie treats those she believes to be below her harshly, and with a lot of scorn. Although her past had contributed to all of this, she has also turned out to be very strong-willed, and unafraid to voice her opinions to or about those around her. Julie can get rather nasty with people who anger her, pulling their hair and putting gum in their shoes. This has her often referred to as a child by many of her teachers and elders.

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Julie during her time at the True Cross Academy.


Julie has a milky white skin tone with freckles around her nose area, emerald green eyes and curly ginger hair. Julie has a very petite body structure, she’s underweight due her irritable bowel syndrome.


  • Okumura Yukio - Yukio is Julie’s teacher in cram school. Julie and Yukio aren’t on good terms from when they first meet as she very often skips his class, later not even bothering to attend his class. She scorns Yukio as she does others, and won’t reason with him despite him being her teacher. She refers him as ‘Mole Face’ rather than addressing him on an appropriate manner. However, Yukio doesn’t pay any attention to this childish behaviour and simply ignores her. When Julie noticed she was really falling behind and missing out in many subjects, she realises that she needs to attend to Yukio’s class, but as stubborn as she is, she still refuses to. When Skylar and Emi also aren’t cooperating any longer, and they refuse to give her any information regarding class (trying to get her to attend to Yukio’s class), Julie is forced to face Yukio. Once attending Yukio’s class, Julie finds herself in an awkward situation, and has to ask Yukio to give her extra lessons to help her to keep up with the class. When Yukio asks her why he should help her, Julie points out his duty as he is a teacher and it is his job to help her. Yukio isn’t impressed and tells her to come back when she’s able to address him appropriately. After a few days, Julie finally swallows her pride and faces Yukio once more, this time she approaches him appropriately and asks him nicely. Yukio enjoys seeing Julie try so hard, and he later agrees to help her on one condition- to respect him as her mentor and not to skip class anymore. With a pouty look Julie agrees. As Yukio helps Julie after class, she starts to see that he is not the person she actually thought he was and starts liking him. At first she calls him ‘Doc’ for short and later she begins to respect him and call him Okumura sensei. However, in public she still refers him as Doc or even Mole Face when Skylar and Emi starts to see that she was developing a crush on him.


  • Fatal verses - Julie is learning to become specialized in chanting fatal verses. Being part siren she has proven her chants to be more effective than other Arias of her age group.
  • Keen mind - Julie has a very keen mind and is able to memorise the holy scripture with ease. Her ability to learn fast and to memorise has made her book smart.
  • Strategist - Because of her keen mind she's able to plan steps ahead. She makes strategies in the field of warfare with the objective of outmaneuvering her opponents.

Flaws and weaknesses

  • Weak body structure - Julie has a very fragile body structure, this is mainly caused by her irritable bowel syndrome. She gets easily sick.
  • Melee and ranged attacks - Julie is weak against melee and ranged attacks, making her rely heavily on her comrades who are dragoons and knights, while she chants.
  • Holy water- Although she's only ¼ siren she still is vulnerable to holy water.
  • Temper - Julie has a very bad temper and looses herself easily when people mock her. She's very stubborn which could lead to her downfall or turn out for the better. Nonetheless she's hard to get along with.

Purpose and ultimate goal

  • Her goal is to protect human kind from demonic invasions.

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