Inanna Yvi is the main character in Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist - Fan Fiction (青の祓魔師 - ファンフィクション) by Oloenia on Wattpad, and is known in Gehenna as the Keeper of the Keys. She is the only daughter of Satan, and much resembles Rin Okumura. Working for the True Cross Order as a Knight, she is pressed with orders to re-join True Cross Academy to do a closer analysis on Rin and Yukio Okumura than Shura Kirigakure, and posesses a more powerful katana that Rin's Kurikara.



Inanna Yvi in the True Cross Academy uniform. Credits to owner.

Inanna has messy, long, dark blue hair, and a messy fringe that covers the majority of her upper head. She is rather pale, but has bright blue eyes. She is rather small in height, with the height of 5ft2". She is also very light with a weight of 7 Stone. Much like her Half-Brother, Rin Okumura, she also possesses physical traits that hint her demonic nature. She has slightly sharper prominent canine teeth, small, pointed elf-like ears and a long black tail, with a clump of neat fur at the tip. She never tries to hide her tail.

In her demon form, she is covered with a big powerful blue aura, and can control the blue flames and what they can do. She gains two horns made out of the blue flames like Rin, only a lot more bigger and longer. She also gains a large set of wings made out of the blue flames so she resembles her father very much. 


Inanna is over-protective and supportive of both friends and family, but extremely violent when the time comes. She has been in countless fights with demons, but has never harmed a demon to such an extent of killing one. She only ever seals away the demon back to Gehenna, where she knows it'll be more safe. She can be clueless and clumsy at times; saying the wrong things by accident, spacing out in classes or tripping over thin air. As often as she may come out as emotionless, she takes everything to heart. Despite her deteste for classes and studying, she works for the True Cross Order as a highly skilled Knight, with the highest grading possible.

Inanna can sometimes come out a such a smartass and quite immature. She's not afraid to tell anyone how it is and is very open with her friends. With coming straight into True Cross Academy with the Trainee Exorcists and Staff Exorcists knowing of her demonic heritage, she was accepted much quicker into the friendship groups and the Academy far quicker than Rin was. She is extremely athletic and tactical despite her lazy atmosphere, and loves to read manga, watch anime and play video games in her free time. She has many top scores in many of her favourite games. She also likes Roleplaying, Cosplaying, listening to music and using her imagination wildly.


Inanna is an extremely strong demon, due to her pure-blood relation to Satan. Through the birth of Inanna, she inherited most, if not all of her fathers demonic posessions. She was brought up in Gehenna by her father, and was trained to become a fearless demon, who will thread on anyone who causes her pain. She left with Mephisto Pheles to Assiah to True Cross Academy as such at the age of 10 where she was taught how to be Knight for the True Cross Academy, she graduated as a Knight at the age of 13 and remained in Assiah ever since.

Key Materialization

Being known in Gehenna as the "Keeper of the Keys", Inanna has the unique ability to materialize keys to any set location she desires, not just specifically locked doors or places she does not have access to. She uses this as an extremely tactical way of getting around attacks. She also uses her powers to get to classes on time, and has provided the keys that open any specific doors which the teachers and Exorcists of True Cross Academy use frequently.


Inanna has been a knight for the True Cross Order for 2 years, but returns to True Cross Academy for further studies, and as an order to have closer analysis on Rin and Yukio Okumura. Inanna is an extremely skilled Swords Master, who possesses a blue handled Katana, she nicknames "Kat". It is cased in a decorative blue hardcase and covered with a red cover much like Rins. She passed all of her exams in requirement to become a classified Exorcists with the highest grades possible and is well know with the space of the True Cross Order, like Yukio, and a young wonder.


It's considered a sign of power as the descendant of Satan. Inanna was taught how to control her blue flames and to use them willingly. She does no require any vessel to carry her blue flames. As Inanna is heavily tapped into her demonic state, using he flames for a long period of time will not consume her, it will only make her attacks stronger. She is able to ignite his victims in blue flame by spontaneous combustion by eye contact. She also has the ability to shoot multiple fireballs from her palm during battle and can burn out any barrier that was created by the Exorcists.

Regenerative Abilities

Inanna has a high regeneration rate, surpassing most demons. With her extreme ability, she is practically immortal. A fatal wound to her body will heal within a few seconds, or close to a few minutes depending on the fatality of the wound. Inanna is immune to anything like illnesses and things like energy draining substances. Though having a high regeneration rate, as a demon, holy water burns he skin massively.

Demon Telepathy

Inanna has always held the ability to talk with demons though telepathy who cannot physically speak verbally. She had held many conversations with even the smallest of demons, and she loves to listen to what they have to say. From being tapped into telepathy for a long time, she can also listen to the thoughts of all demons, as well.

Partial Demon Form

In Assiah, her demonic state is no different from her demonic state in Assiah. She is able to tap into her demonic state at will, with no vessel that seals her powers. In her demon form, she is covered with a big powerful blue aura, and can control the blue flames and what they can do. She gains two horns made out of the blue flames like Rin, only a lot more bigger and longer. She also gains a large set of wings made out of the blue flames so she resembles her father very much. Her demon form is extremely dangerous depending on her mood.

Superhuman Strength

Inanna has always been abnormally strong, and when brought to Assiah she tended to break a lot of things because of her clumsy nature. She's broken beds, tables, chairs, and broken bones of another person. While she has gained control of her strength, she still has outbursts accidentally and causes damage to a lot of articles around her. She usually releases her strength out in her demonic state.

Gehenna Gate

As Inanna has never used this is Assiah, she doesn't clearly understand the true potential of her Gehenna Gate opening abilities. Only her and her father have been clear applicants to open the full Gehenna Gate, rather than small demons who only open a small version incomplete version of the gate. This demonic door needs blood in order to link Gehenna and Assiah. It's size, appearance, and even abilities depend on the amount of blood offered as a sacrifice.



Despite not seeing her father for several years now, Inanna had an extremely good relationship with Satan. He trained her to control her demons and to turn her into what she is now. Satan wished for he to become an Exorcist, not because she could be used as an extremely good vessel, but also because she had many qualities and a huge potential that Mephisto could bring out of her. Inanna was always be favourited by Satan from a young age.


Hecate is Inanna's mother, who she had no connection with since birth. Inanna does not know anything about her mother, or any special traits she many pick up from her mother. She has only ever heard rumors about her.

Rin Okumura

As Inanna's Half-Brother, Inanna has always been quite intrigued with her siblings. She is very protective over them and will them them anything they need to know. She has a special connection with Rin, and they both share traits and abilities from the blood they hold. Inanna has told Rin many secrets about Mephisto Pheles and many other students and teachers within the Academy.

Yukio Okumura

Unlike Rin, Inanna doesn't share a strong relationship with Yukio as much as she would like too. Yukio is very stern with Inanna and makes sure she isn't planning to do anything with Rin regarding Satan. Yukio becomes less suspicious of her over time, but can't help that Inanna, due to her close bond she had with Satan, that something could happen because of her.

Sheimi Moriyama

Inanna becomes instantly close with Sheimi. Inanna communicates with infant Greenman spirit much like Sheimi does, which is what draws Inanna and Sheimi close. Inanna is always helping Sheimi is studying and taking notes in class. Inanna has also shown her things, as a demon, what Inanna can do. Inanna has also shown her some accidental abilities while in a human state like breaking tables and losing her temper quite easily.

Izumo Kamiki

Nicknamed 'Eyebrows' by both Rin and Inanna, follows a more 'You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' relationship. Izumo wants nothing more than respect, and to have nothing more that acquaintances. Inanna shows a more banter side with Izumo, throwing comments to her that might be hard to reply to. Izumo acts very cautious around Inanna.

Ryūji Suguro

Nicknamed 'Bon', is more hostile to Inanna, much like he was with Rin. Inanna and Bon are always arguing over who is the better academic student. They both share amazingly good grades and a good attitude when it comes to being a smartass against each other. They start to get along after a while, but the banter still remains.

Renzō Shima

Nicknamed 'Shima', Inanna and Shima don't talk much, but always have a laugh and a joke around classes. Shima is not scared of Inanna like some of the other classmates are, and like Konekomaru they accept Inanna for who she is. Inanna loves to be around Shima as she feels like she could tell him exactly how she feels and he'll completely understand her.

Konekomaru Miwa

Much like Shima, Konekomaru accepts Inanna for who she is. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor, and is always trying to stop Bon from trying to attack Inanna. Konekomaru, even though he is quiet, is very open with Inanna. There is a whole lot more to Konekomaru that the other classmates might think.

Shura Kirigakure

Inanna knows Shura through Shirō Fujimoto, and then later on through the True Cross Order. Shura treats Inanna like her little sister, because of their close relation and her acceptance into the True Cross Order as a Knight. Shura helped Mephisto train Inanna - it's where they get their close relationship from.

Shirō Fujimoto

Inanna has only ever come across Shirō a few times, as the paladin at the time she was training to be a knight, she had no time to talk to him and she had no time to talk to her. When being taught by Mephisto, he relied on Shirō for information, who then introduced Shura to her. Even though only meeting Inanna a few times, he treated her like his daughter, despite not being a fan-favorite of demons.

Mephisto Pheles

As her older brother, Mephisto took care of Inanna when her father couldn't. He took her on at the age of 10 to become a Knight for the true cross. Inanna knows Mephisto as Samael, but adjusts well in calling him Mephisto or Johan. Inanna shares a close relationship with him.


Inanna never got to see Amaimon much, but would always argue and fight if they did. Amaimon doesn't understand the close relationship between Mephisto and Inanna and Satan, and grows to become extremely jealous of her relationships. Amaimon has threatened to kill Inanna plenty of times.

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  • (To Rin Okumura) "Despite you and me being born from completely separate mothers, we look quite alike. Could this be the closest you'll get to seeing the true face of Satan? Who knows."
  • (To Ryūji Suguro) "I'm so close to shoving this dictionary so far up your ass, you'll be speaking more nonsense then you are now."
  • (To Amaimon) "That's one thing I really hate about you - you cry about what you can't get. You've always relied on other people to do things for you, and fight for things you don't even need. It makes you selfish, something Assiah doesn't like."
  • (To Naberius) "Calling me your master will not change anything, Naberius. You've obviously been sent here by someone else. In Gehenna I am the Princess, but in Assiah I'm nothing more than a threat to society. I will let you retreat now, or I will seal you while you still have your dignity."


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