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160 lbs.


December 20

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Fusion White and Black(Demonic: White and Red)

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Kayara Hinkami (Mother)
Sen Hinokami (Father)
Arisu Amaterasu Hinokami (Twin Sister)

Japanese Voice

Katsuyuki Konishi

English Voice

Kyle Hebert

  • Haruki Was Created By Me For My DeviantART Acount And His New Profile Pic Is Of Him Outside Of True Cross And In His Normal Chose Of Fashion


Arisu and Haruki are the Twin brother and Sister offspring of the Demon Sin Envy and a Human Mother, their mother who had Haruki and Arisu until, on Blue Night she was trying to hurry and Avoid The demons who were after her and them to save their Lives she hides their demon powers and the hell sword Tsukuyomi and quickly hurried to her most trusted friends the Hinokami's but before she could a Ghoul Hound Demon attacks her in her weaken state and kills her they demon was sent by Bai-hu to get Tsukuyomi from her and give it to back to Satan but by then Sen and Karaya Hinokami had taken Haruki and Arisu and agreed to raise them without them knowing what they were and promised to take the Tsukuyomi and put into hiding as well. Haruk and Arisui still kept his Two tails which Are white and red brush like tip and both were given a Prayer bead necklace that works as their seal to kept their demonic half hidden, on one night before, they went out with some of their friends to the movies, but before they could get there the same Ghoul Hound Demon attacks them and goes after Haruki and Arisu, as soon as they start off running and lose their footing and fall causing their necklaces to come off and their powers came out and the Demon Runs off then they hurried home to Sen and Karaya talking to Mephisto about Haruk and Arisui and as they do they over hear everything and become scared beyond their minds, Mephisto then says to them to come in, Both Sen and Karaya were shocked when he said it as Haruki and Arisu walked in with tears in their eyes. Soon after they tell him more about what happen and how to use Tsukuyomi, they decide to give it to him thinking it was better for him to have now that he knew what he was then let Mephisto talk to him and they gave Arisu The Bashee V Shinigami which was also their mother's. As Mephisto Tells Haruki and Arisu about how they can become an exorcists like their Adopted mother and father if they go to True Cross Academy with him as long as they stay under the radar of people about their Demonic Powers. Haruki and Arisu at first is very distrustful of Mephisto, but when a The same large Ghoul hound demon that killed their mother attacks them again, but Mephisto saves them and remakes the offer to come with them to True Cross Academy to train to become an exorcists and learn about their powers, they willfully accepts.


He may have a strong sense of judgment of good and evil, he rarely listens to it and follows his own way of thinking. He always has a calming tone and look on his face that he can count on to help calm others down and he is very upbeat about everything in his life that doesn't go wrong. But he still keeps a serious look on everything so he doesn't hall back in his classes, and he does have an anger problem that he works on. But when he fights his whole personality changes, He becomes more violent and beast like. He is Wild and fun but keeps the calm look and tone in his voice and starts to be more Outgoing like wanting to go on dangerous missions and etc. he never lets anything keep him down for long, He Keeps his Zeal on one thing His Fighting Spirit and his will to live but he rarely shows unless fighting. He Has a Habit of Freaking out or Messing around by using his Shape-shifting Ability.


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His Appearance At True Cross Academy the first half of the year

A Black and Purple Magatama Prayer Bead Necklace and a Chain Earring with small Ace card symbol on it and wears his True Cross uniform loose to as in he keeps his dress shirt topped out a but and rolls up his sleeves a bit and wears a Ace Card leather Belt and a Yellow Scarf but only during the spring and other seasons most of the time it's just the Ace card Leather Belt, because of his Girlfriend Aoi Chisame wears the scarf sometimes and has a tattoo like mark that links him to Tsukuyomi making it his it's located on his cross his chest.

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Haruki After a Timeskip


Twin Sister: Arisu Amaterasu Hinokami: His Twin Sister who he almost perfectly looks like a male version of her.

Birth Father: Rumored to be Named "Bai-hu" or Envy Little is known about Haruki's Birth Father other then, Bai-hu a Ōgami Kitsune he is Very Greedy and Envy so he is known as the Demon Envy, who is second strongest of the seven deadly sins next to pride. but his real name is unknown, he has blood red eyes and heavy black and red hair and He left after Haruki was born.

Birth Mother: UnknownIt is only known that she was an Exorcist, who was friends with the Hinokami's and that she was once the wielder of Tsukuyomi, and she was the one who Passed on to Haruki the Demon Sword and has Passed on. She was very calm and protective of those close to her and always trusted humans more than demons and he had beautiful golden white hair.

Adopted Father: Sen Hinokami He is A Upper First Class Exorcist and Is a Skilled Knight and Aria. He has Golden Blonde Hair with Brown Eyes and has been Alive and is 33 years old. He is Very Strict yet loving to everyone with a very fun look on life.

Adopted Mother: Kayara HinokamiShe is a Full Human who is married to Sen and is also a Upper First Class Exorcist Who is Skill with Dragoon and Tamer, Her Appearance Is a brown haired woman with Green eyes and is 32 years old. She is Very Happy-Go-Lucky and Peppy but she has a flip side to her which her angry pissed off side is something to worry about it.


  • Renata Diya: Rivals. Haruki doesn't Make very many Rivals but Renata is different, He Utterly hates her because of how vain and greedy she is and as well the rest of her persona. Being around her He Becomes Easily Angered(Just Like her around him) But he still thinks of her as a good creature just with confused goals and sometimes helps her on her mission
  • Aoi Chisame: Love, When He first meets her it is when Mephisto Askes them to work together. at first they don't get along but soon Haruki starts to develup feeling For Aoi so when they are training and he was in Mid-transformation into his Demonic form he Tells her how he Feels.
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    Haruki And Aoi

  • Meri Katou: Close Friend, Haruki meets Meri through Aoi the two soon become very close friends and have a Brother and sister like bond.


Abilities: He has a Shape-Shifting Ability that lets him change into anyone who, he chooses and he can mimic their voice as well. He also has fox-fire But it's power is that of a low-level demon's so he only uses it for shows and tricks.

Released/Demonic Form: When He Changes into his released form his skin becomes pale and his hair grows to his hips and turns white in the front and red on the lower half, he appears with only two white tails with red tips, as well his K9's become sabertooth like and the rest of his teeth become like a shark's, and his nails become as long as claws and turn black as well his Right eye turns from the ruby/blood red to a evil misty dark green and a Green Flame Covers the end of his Left Tail and over his left eye he gains Green Flame horn like rin's.

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Haruki In his Released/Demonic Form

Demonic Form Abilities: When Haruki isn't using both his demon swords his power in this form is half of his father's. Haruki's claws release deadly acidic poison which can melt flesh and virtually anything else very quickly, as well he can generate a thin, whip-like strand of yellow-green energy from his fingertips that can slice through almost anything. The whip also displays characteristics of poison akin to the burning effect it has on contact. It is used often in combat not only as a weapon, but at a utility tool as well. The whip can extend great distances and retrieve people or objects in motion. But His Human half limits theses powers to his demon form which he appears to have a split form when using Tsukuyomi where his Twos tails like similar to rin's and appears too this form is the main of the two and his real demonic form is only shown when he takes off Tsukuyomi and Tokijingami and fights with his enormous strength.
Tsukuyomi into Muramasa


Tsukuyomi: Known because of how it was created. It was near Meteor Crater around Mt.Fuji, A demon who under Satan's Command had gained over 100 humans to gather the meteor shards and put them into the center of the crater where they stop as they did a s a Gehenna Gate at the center and the humans and meteor shards sink into it. Then the Demon mixes "Satan's blood" into the Mixing Of the Humans and Meteor shards that start fusing together with the "Blood". Soon after the demon Pulls a 6ft Odachi from The Gehenna Gate, The Sword was the end result of over 100 human bodies, souls the meteor shards and "Satan's Blood". The demon Decides to call the Sword, Tsukuyomi. Soon after Tsukuyomi was Stolen By Haruki's Birth Mother and when his Birth Father, Bai-hu learns of this he sends a Powerful Ghoul-Hound Demon after her to get Tsukuyomi back and give it to Satan, but he fails and years later Tsukuyomi is now owned by Haruki. Tsukuyomi has blue flames as well but are a weaker form of Satan's, so a unique Sheath was designed to keep the flames in-check and they appear to be stronger or equaled to Rin's. Blue Flame Form: Tsukuyomi's blue flames, when out change Haruki's appearance into a split demonic form that makes him look similar to Rin, when he has drawn out The Kurikara. Haruki calls this his Blue Flame Form, and which in this form most of his demonic abilities are sealed by the flames and sometimes the flames can over take him, causing him to go wild and on a rampage.



Tokijin-Gami: The sword that Was given to Haruki by Mephisto so He wouldn't have to Tsukuyomi and Risk using himself to the Blue flames so much, Tokijin-Gami Are Twin Demon Great Swords forged from a powerful Aura Demon so it gives off very strong aura and the two blades are linked Because of that. It lets Haruki have gain a stronger demonic aura and boost in his natural strengths like, a boost in strength and etc. As well Haruki creates a move he calls "Anima Cross" when he uses it his speed doubles and as he uses he spins with Tokijin-Gami in both his hands and creates a Demonic Black, Piecing and Slashing Wind, that can destroy an area up to the size of football, but Haruki and control the size of it's Focus and Later On Haruki Discovers Tokijin-Gami can transform back into it's original Demon Form and talk to him in both sword and Demon Form, Tokijin takes the form of a White Liger like demon, as well Tokijin-Gami is the size of two horses so Haruki mainly can ride them too is both Hers and His Familiar, she doesn't use Tokijin-Gami at all other than that.

Flaws/weaknesses: He has a habit of falling asleep in his classes most of the time and can't keep himself awake if he is sleepy. He sometimes goes over the top with his seriousness and ends up messing everything up. He as well can't get a hang of studying at during his classes and mainly reads his manga's. he is weakest at his tails like every demon. He has a fear or hatred of normal dogs and is scared Of dog demons, as well he can be Detected by both types of them. He also has a weakness for Silver Vine Sake and if drunk enough with let his secrets of easily. As well he has a fatal weakness to High Pitched sounds, he can be confused and stunned by them making easier to attack and wound. He can't completely control Tsukuyomi flames then can over take him causing him to go on a rampage. as well his Fatal Verse is Isaiah 1:1-31, which is also his father's Fatal Verse too.

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