Frisco Sandego



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140 lbs. (63.5 kg)


August 25

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True Cross Academy
Renata's side



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Leah Raymond (Mother)
Father- Eric Sandego
Erika Sandego (Older Sister)
Francine Sandego (Younger Sister)

Japanese Voice

Yousei Teikoku

English Voice

Jodi Benson

Frisco Sandego is a human who attends the True Cross Academy. She had sworn allegiance to the Vatican, but upon making "friends" with Renata Diya she is swindled into making a new alliance.


When she was young, around five years old, her mother and her were browsing around the town's shopping area, and they entered a book store. All the way in the back, the biggest book of them all, was a summoning book. Frisco felt a strange attachment to it after just one look. The cover was coiled with flowers and what looked to be tree branches. It was the most beautiful book she'd ever seen. She absolutely begged her mother to buy it for her, and since she really isn't a greedy girl who asks for a lot (they weren't exactly rich, so she was raised to only ask for the necessities), her mother agreed. They had no clue as to what had actually happened: The store owner was actually a demon who enticed the two females into buying a cursed, demonic book. Frisco began doing the summonings found in the book. They were not successful at all. She didn't begin to get good results until 1-2 years later, and they were really simple things. She didn't think much of it, even when a hoard of frog demons attacked a girl she didn't like at school, or when it began raining coal tar. But one night, she tried one of the more complicated spells. It was supposed to summon a "powerful demon". Frisco, being almost eight, had absolutely no fear. (How powerful of a demon could an almost eight-year-old summon?) That's why she was able to summon the most powerful demon of them all: Satan. But as soon as she saw his face, her resolve faded (this is equivalent to freaking out and wetting her pants). Had she kept a strong stance, it would've been easy for her to control him. However, as anyone knows with a tamer, that you mustn't show weakness to your familiar. So he gave her an ultimatum: Either I kill you right here, or your name carries my curse forever. He did not kill her right away because his love had just died rather recently. The wound in his heart was still fresh, but he wasn't so forgiving. She knew she didn't want to die, so she chose the latter. Satan ordered his demons to nail chains into her hands, and he attached a coffin/sarcophagus to those chains. It's a small gateway to Gehenna, and she has to drag it around all the time. She keeps it shut with the chains, and just slightly loosening them up will cause the demons hands in it to snatch everything around them back into Gehenna.

Since life in Australia became unbearable at some point, her mother and father decide to send her away (After 7-8 years of torture). The school kids hated her and stayed away from her. Her family was condemned by the townspeople. They want to provide a means for Frisco to try and break the curse. They stumbled upon a rumor that an exorcist cram school existed around the world. However, there is not the biggest amount of Catholics in Australia, and the Vatican was the centre of operations for the academy. So they sent her to the next closest place that had it: Japan. Of course, before Frisco even though about moving, she took courses in the summer on the Japanese language. Her Japanese is burdened with a heavy Australian accent, and is barely understandable. But it works. She moved to Japan and began her life at True Cross Academy.


Frisco used to be friendly and open to everyone. That was until she summoned Satan and was cursed forever. Since then, everyone has judged her. She is very frightened to be in the public eye; she hates being stared at. Most people prefer to stay as far away from Frisco as possible. There was a rumor at her junior high school that if you stare long enough into her eyes, you see how you die. Of course this wasn't true, but after years of teasing and resentment from her classmates, Frisco started to believe it. She has a problem of not making eye contact with anyone because of this. Her self-esteem isn't very high, but she wouldn't ever resort to self harm or anything. She is mostly reserved and secluded, and seems cold to anyone who hasn't tried to make friends with her. It comes as a surprise that she's quite easy-going once you get past her cold exterior. She speaks little, and sounds kind of sarcastic when she does. She doesn't mean it of course. She keeps herself protected all the time. Looking at her will make you think that she's antisocial, since she has a bad habit of retracting herself away from people and staying in the corner. She's been desensitized to demons and deaths caused by demons, since she'd already seen the scariest demon out there.


Frisco's hair is a medium auburn to a lighter auburn depending on how much time she decides to spend in the sun. It is usually curled into drills that are pulled to the front of her face. Very rarely will she let it down, but when she does, it reaches down to just above the small of her back. Her hair is straight.

Her eyes are abnormally large on her face, and very round. They are a startling green, and her eyes almost seem like they're always wet. That makes them shiny and reflective. Some rumors in her Frisco's old school went like, "When you stare into those pools long enough, you see the way you will die". Her nose is pin straight, and she has a small mouth. Her bottom lip is full and a dull shade of pink. Her skin is sun-kissed from living in Australia for a majority of her life.

Frisco is not particularly curvy in any way. Or at least, she tries not to be. In Australia she would be considered a tad bit big, though in Western culture she is perfectly skinny. Majority of the weight is centred around her thighs. Her chest size is an average C. Her body is the "pear" shape.

She can mostly be found wearing the latest fashions, though with a few modifications. The demon hands in her coffin help her a little bit by making alterations to her tops: They sew in buttons. That way, it is easier to slip the tops on. Buttons are made on the back, and on the sleeves.


  • Rin Okumura: They both share the same problems. They've both got a secret that they need kept from everyone else. Except, when Rin revealed he was the son of Satan, Frisco didn't go shouting at the top of her lungs that she's been cursed by Satan. They're not really friends, but when Rin wants to vent to someone other than Kuro, he vents to Frisco.
  • Ryuji: He finds her absolutely useless. Though he has never seen what her familiar can do, so that might be the reason why. He finds that her fear of standing and doing things in front of people is nerve-grating and that if she's not serious she shouldn't be attending exorcist cram school.
  • Shima and Konekomaru: Shima tried hitting on Frisco, but utterly failed. He is also quite frightened of her. Konekomaru is suspicious, but tries to be friendly. He is kind of scared of her, but more so pities the way people treat her.
  • Izumo: The two don't interact. Izumo basically has the same feelings for Frisco as Bon.
  • Cassiel de Mancini : He's her stalker. Or that's what she jokingly calls him when she's discussing him with her familiars. She feels her heart flutter when he stares at her, but she doesn't have the guts to ask him why he keeps looking at her.
  • Renata Diya : Renata is obviously using her. Frisco knows this, but yet she can't find the heart to keep the girl away. She feels connected to her since they're both foreigners, but at the same time she's afraid of what the strangely greedy girl is planning. She aids in Renata's ultimate plan to overthrow not only the Vatican, but Satan as well (they do not succeed)
  • Rocket : Frisco finds him absolutely annoying. Still, she doesn't mind his company that much. She only wishes he would stop talking so she could get a word in once in a while. She can also tell that he's wary of her coffin, and is afraid of his judgement if she were to tell him what really happened.
  • Mia Pyon : The woman finds Frisco unbearably useless. She casually jeers at the girl, telling her that she's "just another useless student". Though upon dragging Mephisto back to Gehenna, Mia has a newfound respect for the teen.
  • Isaiah Shüßer : Kinda her boyfriend?-ish? Frisco doesn't have a clue as to why she feels so comfortable around the boy. Though, when they get close enough, she does reveal to him her secret. They met in front of her dorm, and hit it off since then.


Frisco's only abilities are the demons on her back. She cannot do anything more with them in the way. They tend to explode out of the coffin whenever Frisco gives them an inch of space, and drag everything to Hell. It doesn't matter what it is, the hands will take it back with them to tear apart. There is absolutely NO way to avoid the hands unless you are out of range. You cannot fight them with force, it will only make their hold on you tighter. Although, if you have a knife or a sword and are quick enough, you can cut them. After dragging around a coffin for ten years, she's developed a little bit of muscle. But she can't really use it for anything.


She cannot run, she cannot get into a physical fight, and she cannot overexert herself. Her demons will not listen to her once they've found a target, and rarely ever do as she commands unless it benefits them. They do not care whether it's friend or foe, they will take EVERYTHING into hell with them. Also, she is very unprotected.

Plot during anime series

She doesn't really contribute to the Ao no Exorcist canon plot. Though in her three years of high school, she dates Isaiah and gets to know Cassiel a little bit. Her relationship with Renata is strengthened. She becomes an exorcist, and that seems like there's all there is to it. Or is it?

Plot out with anime series

After years without seeing Renata Diya, the woman shows her face again. With a vengeance. She'd disappeared long ago. Rumor had it that the full demon had been tried by the Vatican and found guilty of unholy crimes. She was supposed to be executed. And yet here she was. She asked Frisco to help her. She wouldn't fool Frisco with talk of a better world where Satan could just disappear and the exorcists could actually win. Frisco knew better. So Renata told her the truth. She was planning to first get rid of Mephisto. Then she would lead the exorcists into Gehenna to once and for all "defeat" Satan. There, the exorcists would be killed by the demons, but not only that. They would weaken Satan, so that Renata would deal the finishing blow and become the new ruler of Gehenna. Her greed really did go that far. She not only wanted to rule Assiah by getting rid of the exorcists, but rule Gehenna as well. But she needed the easy access to Gehenna, and Frisco provided that. Also, when Mephisto was defeated by Lamia and Renata's brawn and Mia Pyon's tactics, they ordered Frisco to unleash her familiar. Mephisto knew that if he tried to fight the demons he'd die, so he let himself go down to Gehenna. Besides, it would be entertaining to see what Greed was planning. After that, she was a passageway to Gehenna for the exorcists to enter. Most of them made it through. After the battle is over, Renata disappears. She is labelled a fugitive and to be killed on sight. Frisco was not blamed for the crimes that happened inside of Gehenna, nor for the deaths of the exorcists. She was believed to have been persuaded by Renata's evil, though she is placed under lockdown in her house and examined by a psychiatrist every month. She is acquitted of her exorcist duties. She never did find a way to get rid of the curse...


  • When no one's around, Frisco will sneak cheesecake from the fridge in her dorm. She jiggles the chains on purpose to make it sound like a ghost, that way the girls will never peek out of their rooms to catch her
  • Frisco is really good at drama, especially when it comes to Shakespeare. He's her literary idol
  • She's friends with a full-demon. She knows that the demon is using her, but she's also using the demon for her own, selfish reasons
  • She happens to have a very familiar looking, green pet hamster. Their relationship is built on the love of food and a mutual agreement. Don't be alarmed if you see it scuttling out of the vents and sneaking her lunch
  • Don't be scared of the demon hands if they start talking to you. Or touching you. Or dragging you down to Gehenna. Wait, maybe you should be scared then. Those poor demons just want a friend to talk to as well. Frisco usually shushes them, but occasionally she'll have conversations with them


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