Name: Potato Okumura

age: 15

nicknames: The underworld queen

gender: Female (has big tots)

sexuality: Breadsexual

species: Unknown but looks like a potato (is also a neko, demon, angel, half demon, sugar glider, and is a lion that can go, "mhm rwor"

family: salad, Giraffe, elephant, Rin Okumura, Yukio Okumura, Yuri, Satan, corn, pizza, and the undertaker

Birthday: Unknown

zodiac: A special zodiac that's not in the constellation because she's so special

Occupation: Gay for Bon, exorziss, first highest, cutest, smartest, strongest, class eve! expire, and gluten free

powers and capabilities: The power of gay, starch free flames, and is stronger than mephisto

strength: Stronger than Rin

reflexes: 5 billion/ 10

intelligence: smartest person eve because two plus two equals fish!

power level: 5,000,000,000.1

hair color: rainbow

eye color: a certain color of pink and purple

tongue color: Rainbow so she can taste the rainbow

complexion: FAB AF

height: 1 cm

weight: lighter than a stone

bust size: ZZZ Cup

comtacts or glusses: Both XD

Body type: a very hot potato

normal clothing style: Bikini, short shorts, overalls but with diamonds on them because shine bright like a diamond if you know what a I mean *wink wink nudge nudge*, earrings, wears pixie wings that was bistooded on her by the fairy queen.

Personality: TOO FAB FOR YOU! AND IS LOVED BY EVERYONE! And also because flaws are bad so I didn't give her any!


Likes: Rin, Mephisto, Yukio, Amiamon, Me, herself, potato chips, Bon, Shima, mangas, Sukiyaki, is a total weeb XD

dislikes: Shiemi (because it gets in the way of her relation ship DDDDX), and anybody who is prettier than her!

Favorite color: She doesn't have a specific one but if she were to chose she would choose the rainbow

Hobbies: staring at herself in the mirror every morning and collecting booty shorts

Backstory: She was potato and she was found by a giraffe and then the giraffe ate a salad and then she become a princess. After that her parents ded and then she was put orphanage and beaten by everyone because of how pretty she was. Then she was adopted by breadsticks and was beaten with a breadstick and her life was horrible because she broke 10 nails in her life, so she became sed and depurse,and ran away. she found brother and they liked her so they put a ring on it. And went to scool and lived happily ever after as a dragon the end.