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The 207th Rise of the Orange Moon (1984)

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Athol Akumanji comes from a broken household, His Mother not yet Known or even still alive, and His Father the First Blooded Leviathan, Athol lived with his father till he reached 16 as he left home and became a street thug, which made him live a Self independant life, Where he would find and kills weaker species or younger people, eventually as he got older he would start killer older and stronger species. 

His problems at home with his Father was abuse and a ordered lifestyle, His Father believed that Pure Bloods were the only species allowed in life, also His Father beated into Athols concience that Leviathans were the highest race and that every other species is below the "Order of chain" In Athols eyes now the chain is from top to bottom Leviathan, Celestial, Demonic and eventually Human. This lead to Athols Personality becoming violent short tempered and cold towards anybody who isnt of the same species. 

His Father also pushed his own failed life ambitions into Athols life, His Fathers main Ambition is To Kill "The Creator of All" i.e God. With that he has to kill and find ways of learning how to over power "The Creator Of All"


Athol is a short tempered individual, His short temper is always seen and heard every day or anytime he is speaking or spoken too, His short temper becomes violent if pushed further into a mood, He is quiet otherwise and dislikes and gives a cold vibe towards others due to the species difference. 


Athol appereance is seen as he wears the Academy uniform without blazer or tie, He always has his white shirt open and underneath wears a green short sleeved top with black trousers and DC trainers. His rebelious image is to show he has no mutual care to anyone or any rules that have been made with the Academy. His hair is Black and is brushed backwards so it goes with the shape of the horns, He has green and grey eye, 


  • Athols Father is the Major Atagonist and parent to him. His Fathers teachings and cruel abuse to him caused Athols mental state to be to respond with anger and violence due to not having enough time when he was younger to learn to understand differences and opinions on things. 
  • Rin & Athol are mutual enemies due to the species and personality differences. This is seen with violence, shouting, arguing and swearing. 
  • Athol & Riiko is somewhat unstable due to personality and species difference however her determination to talk to him and become closer as friends is somewhat reflecting a stable image towards others that look at the two characters. 
  • Athol & Yukio have a Student to Teacher relationship, However Athol's natural instinct to hate any other species shows as usual with him being aggressive and argumentative to even his Teacher.


Athol's Abilites can change depending his Emotional State, This can be shown via his Short temper, or calm quiet self.

When Angry Athol's temper makes his natural instincts of eating another dominent in his mind, his mentality starts to crack and he becomes more furocious like an animal, This causes his mental conciousnessto shorten, His body becomes more tense and is filled with short sparks of energy that affect his strength, causing him to become stronger then before, However the downfall to this animal like instinct is he becomes blind to seeing whats "Right & Wrong"

Like all other Leviathans, Athol can ingest nother species of living creature and gain their image mental thoughts and abilites for a short while unless the victim is fully digested. This Hunger towards other species reflects that Athols Monster Species is a "Apex Predator" which is said by him in the series on the lines "Demon Kills Human, Angel Kills Demon, Leviathan Eats Angels" basicially stating that his breed is highest amongst the living"

When Athols Anger causes his "Beserk Rage" to Overcome him his skin toughens and becomes slightly resistable to weapon attacks, His strength becomes triple of his original state and can cause major damage to others and surrounding objects.

Athol being a Leviathan is unaffected by any biblical enchartments being a Monster instead of Demon, This is due to a Monster being Earth Bound Creation instead of Celestia or Demonic Power. 

Athols weaknesses can be very easily caused, This can be seen on how he acts, As his father stated in the series "You become Sluggish and drowsy when hungry" When Athol has disgested anything for at least a week his bdo ygoes into a recovery state which makes him slow and weak to most Attacks or Enchartments. When he is in Beserk Rage his mental state and spacial awarness drops i.e becoming Corridor Vision which means he attacks only whats seen infront of him, If you attack out of his sight you will get the better hand in battle.

Plot during anime series (if applicable)

Athols Plot during the Series was first to follow his Fathers Commands, later on overcoming his Fathers control he then becomes unstable with his natural balance and meaning in life and becomes a Villain within the series and is seen as a Predator. as he starts to feed off of other speices.

Plot out with anime series (if applicable)

Story to Character is not finished. 


  • The Leviathan Speices is mentioned in the bible as a Demonic Creature that was close at attacking "The Creator of All"
  • The Leviathan Speices is also mentioned in The Tv Series "Supernatural" as a species of creature that was locked away in Purgatory which were released and were seen as the "Apex Predator" to all other living things.
  • Leviathan in Other terms means Large creature or Whale


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