Athena's Profile

Athena Athens is an original character originally created by The-Fanfic-Writer1 on DeviantArt. She is an Angel born with a part of God's soul, and is expected to be the next Holy Spirit to run Heaven, also known as Shamayim in Assiah.


Athena was first introduced wearing a silk, white toga with a single strap on her right shoulder with a thin white thread tied around her waist that reaches to her mid thighs and brown sandals with straps that reaches to her calves, both as a young angel and coming back down to Assiah as a teen.

But she is later seen wearing the female True Cross Academy uniform, and often times forgets to wear the bow around the collar of her shirt.


Athena is generally a very kind and considerate person, who takes care of other's needs before herself. Because of this, she can be easily manipulated by people who want to take advantage of her kindness. Athena is also pretty dense when it comes to certain topics, such as romance for example, and can never keep a secret to save her life (this is mainly due to the fact that as an angel, she cannot lie, it kinda violates the rules of her home).

Even though she has a friendly personality on the outside, on the inside, she is insecure about her position, and is very opinionated on the way things are back on Shamayim.

In fact, she is excited to be taking the position of becoming the next holy spirit, so that way she can change the Utopian society Shamayim has set up in their system. Because of this excitement, she rebels against the rules often despite her constant worry of the consequences if she were to be discovered of her rebellious nature during her stay in Assiah as her test to earn her halo.



Athena was born from the purity of Shamayim's clouds and a piece of God's soul. Her creation was for a purpose of God' life force running low, and it was only a matter of time before he could no longer be in position of power. Because of this, Athena, for most of her life in Shamayim, has held heavy expectations on her shoulders as her being the daughter of God and having to take his position once his life ends. However, Athena was never interested in her position, in fact, she found it boring and horribly tedious, which made her grow rebellious and cause trouble.

Because of her rebellious actions, she was sent down to Assiah as punishment.

During her stay in Assiah, she finds Rin by himself and pretty much starts off as being strangers but with a need to have a friend. When Athena settled down at the chapel Rin stayed in, the two became best friends and would play often.

While there were some times where Athena would watch Rin's wrathful behavior over being called a demon, it seems that her just being Rin's friend was a way for him to at least try to calm himself, and to stay away from possible altercations, in hopes he wouldn't scare her away.

However, their friendship was cut short when Athena was brought back to Shamayim without a word, and spent her time working hard, memorizing the bible, and so much more so she can go back to Assiah to not only earn her halo, but to see her friend again.