Asi Lang

レーング エシ


Asi Lang




Male Male






172 lbs.


June 21st

Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Blue/Grey

Blood Type


Professional Status

True Cross Order


Independent Analyst
Goði Acolyte

Exorcist Information




Personal Status



Hanna Lang (Motehr)
Vod Lang (Father)
Klas Lang (Half Brother)
Einar Lang (Half Brother)
Helmi Lang (Half Sister)
Ingolf Lang (Half Brother)
Frey Lang (Brother)
Gunnar Lang (Brother)

Japanese Voice

Ryō Naitō



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Meister & Abilities

Chosen of the Aesir: As a disciple of the Norse religion, Asi abilities are claimed to be gifted to him by his gods. These gods specifically refer to Vitharr and Tyr, whom he is a supposed vessel for, but don't exclude other gods of the pantheon. These abilities benefit Asi's chosen Meister types.

Knight: Asi uses the demon blade Kestaz Lyyi and is in training to becoming a Knight Meister. Kestaz Lyyi feeds off of the natural energy Asi manifests due to his "blessing".

  • Din: A faint, silvery energy encases Kestaz Lyyi and imbuing it with holy power. Din increases Asi's attack power, strength, and speed while in effect.
    • Lyyaz Din: The silvery energy grows in intensity and become a murky, dark gray. The energy works as a shroud, making Asi difficult to see and consequently hit. It increases all of Asi's speed and attack power stats greatly while in effect, but lessens his defensive abilities. Requires blood tribute.

Tamer: As a tamer, Asi can call upon two demons to fight for him. Their runes are on opposite sides of Kestaz Lyyi while he also carries summoning paper should he be disarmed and need to call upon them.

  • Eir: A seraphim that took the shape of a disfigured human woman, though it's body is hidden. When summoned, Eir takes the form of an armored knight that glows with an intense, silvery flame and carries a sword similar to Kestaz Lyyi. Eir fights with heightened demon abilities but otherwise has no significant abilities.
  • Mare: Something akin to a higher class ghoul that doesn't require a body, Mare is a gaunt, maiden seeming demon. When summoned it moves towards whatever Asi's target is, tackles them, and pins them via sitting on their chest and remaining immovable, while letting out a horrifying, bone-chilling scream.
    • Night Terror: Mare's screams induce a dream like state upon whoever hears them. While the illusion is breakable for someone not subject to its grasp, whoever is trapped beneath the demon will have a significantly harder time breaking from the dream. The dreams usually subject the victim to their worst fears.

Immense Speed: Even without the benefit of Asi's demon sword's abilities, he is extremely fast. His speed paired with his stealth abilities make him tricky target to hit and his ambush skills lethal.


Kestaz Lyyi: Kestaz Lyyi is Asi's demon sword and a supposedly Dwarven crafted blade. It has been a family heirloom for longer than the Lang clan's records tell, assisting a long line of skilled knights and warriors that predate the True Cross Order. Kestaz Lyyi is engraved with runic symbols and these runes are what summon Eir and Mare, the demons Asi can summon. Being the 6th son, Asi only became the heir of the sword because it is only passed to the blue eyed children of the clan Gothi.

Kestaz lyyi has an eerily sentient feeling to it, as if it is an actual being. Which it is. Kestaz Lyyi feeds off of blood which is why all its abilities are all blood activated. The blade also strives to keep its current owner- and consequently the one feeding it- alive so it won't starve. In times of crisis, Kestaz Lyyi can use the blood stored in its blade and hilt to fend off attackers when its wielder is in critical danger.

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  • Asi can't use a smartphone or text because he can't read the small writing.
  • The only times Asi is seen without his headphones is when speaking to his family, Gothi, or followers of Vitharr
  • Has tritanopia/blue-yellow colorblindness
  • Asi is the first Lang in three generations to receive the Kestaz Lyyi as he is the first son of a Gothi since the last with blue eyes- something that only came to be due to his albinoidism.
  • oc


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