“I've longed to find what I've been looking for and at the same time I felt so empty and bored. That all changed when I met you, Rin. You and everyone else, you guys have made a big impact in my life. For some reason, I feel more... human when I'm with you, Rin—and I've never felt this way before."

— Amitiel in "Grenade"

Amitiel by crescenti-c







[1] Female




170 cm (5'6")


55 kg (122 lbs.)


July 18, 1979 (Vessel)

Hair Color

Black (Dyed blond)

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Blood Type


Professional Status

Heaven, True Cross Order



Soldier of the Creator



Base of Operations

True Cross Academy

Exorcist Information

Exwire (formerly)




Personal Status



Raziel (brother)


Japanese Voice

Saki Fujita

English Voice

Caitlin Glass

Amitiel (アーミタイル Amitairu) is the Archangel of Truth and was sent to Assiah on a mission to kill Rin Okumura, the son of Satan who inherited Satan’s deadly blue flames. She infiltrated True Cross Academy as a high school student and as a Page in the exorcist cram school.


Amitiel is described as having dark brown eyes, wavy shoulder length blond hair and side bangs. Her hair is usually brought up in a pony-tail or a high, messy bun, especially when training and fighting demons. On casual occasions, she just leaves it down. She has a lean, slightly muscular build; thus she doesn’t appear frail and skinny like most girls in the academy.

She has been training for many years and has also developed a four-pack as a result. Before she was enrolled in True Cross Academy, Amitiel’s choice of clothing is simple and comfortable. She prefers wearing light clothes such as tank tops, blouses, turtle necks, long-sleeved shirts, long cardigans and pants. Amitiel doesn't care about what she looks like, as long as her clothes are comfortable. 

Amitiel wears the typical school uniform when enrolled in True Cross Academy under the guise of a regular student. However, Amitiel doesn't feel comfortable at all in it, since her broad shoulders make the shirts seem tight around them.

Amitiel also wears long white nylons instead of the knee-high socks provided by the school. She wears two leather straps on her thighs that hold her duel angelic blades.The only trait that hints at her angelic nature is the white glowing speck in her pupils. It is believed this is the only way a human can have a glimpse at an angel’s true form (as it is literally a window to her soul). Amitiel very rarely shows her angelic form due to her vessel’s imitations, though she has revealed herself to the Order by displaying two pairs of bright, ethereal avian wings. No human could perceive her true form without going deaf and blind.


Amitiel is quite odd when it comes to a personality. Although angels are considered holy, loving creatures — angels really have no soul, nor free-will. As the result of having no soul, Amitiel can be very cold-blooded and careless, and literally cannot feel human emotion. She's very blunt and direct about what she says, so she has no barriers for what comes out of her mouth. When she has a comment, she will say it no matter how disrespectful or offensive it may be — because it was the truth. Moreover, she is the Angel of Truth, and she only says the truth, whether it would be hurtful or not, she would never lie.  She'll always say something as if she's saying a compliment, even though most of the time it isn't. She can be nosy and ask questions that can be too personal for someone, without even realizing her behaviour is inappropriate and harsh. Etiquette is very strict in Japan, and Amitiel doesn't fully understand the importance of respect for others and their privacy. 

She doesn't care about anything unless she is involved. She even detests humans. On the contrary, she was forced to obey a promise by Heaven's order and follow an oath to protect humans. She always has to pretend to "care" which is frustrating and difficult for her, since she is unable to put herself in someone's shoes and empathize due to having no soul. Angels were commanded to respect humans on their god's behalf, and would not be respectful out of mere free will since they lack the freedom to do so.

Amitiel is the type of being that prefers to be ordered instead of commanding. She never obeys someone other than her superiors: Heaven. When Heaven commands her to do something, she is very loyal and does not argue since she has no free-will. No matter how atrocious the task may seem, she will always accept it.

After becoming exposed to humans and their situations, she gradually began to understand and develop human emotions and free-will. She has learned many morals from people and their actions, and she felt obligated to follow them. Because she now has emotions, she has been weakened emotionally and psychologically and her purpose has drifted away. As the consequence, she begins to become soft and merciful. At some point, Amitiel will begin to question her authorities and her own morality. Due to her new-found emotions, Amitiel treats her friends as family, and would always try her best to comfort them when they are at their lowest. She hates seeing people in pain and would always ask if she can do anything to help them ease it. Amitiel has developed a pessimistic view of the world, and pities those who are trapped to live in it. She believes that at some point, demons will have complete control over Assiah, with Satan ruling over it. To at least help her friends through the pain of living, she would protect her friends from the dangers in Assiah as an angel, but also as a loyal friend. However, on some occasions, she can become too scared to face problems, especially since she's not used to emotions such as fear and doubt. When she has free-will, she will become very resolute, independent, and stubborn. She will always go for a debate when she has a chance, and prefers to do things her choice. Be careful, though, because lying is the utmost worst way of breaking a person's relationship with Amitiel.


Not much is known about Amitiel before she came to Assiah. She states she has spent 15 years searching Japan for the son of Satan, and has come across many tribulations and challenges with demons while she searched.      

Synopsis (In progress)

Amitiel chp 1

Amitiel strolling through Tokyo in chapter 1 of Angel Fire

Amitiel was first introduced wandering in the streets in Tokyo late at night while tracking down a demon that had possessed a man. Her presence and threatening amber eyes were enough for people to disperse away from her and she even received some disturbed gazes. She was ordered by the archangel Raziel to exorcise the demon out of the man. Amitiel overheard the man talking about True Cross Academy and implying the son of Satan was currently attending it. Amitiel managed to capture the demon and interrogate him on the whereabouts of the son of Satan, in which he only spat threats and insults. He headbutted her to escape, which resulted in a brawl and chase through the busy streets and even caused a car crash and multiple injured civilians, though Amitiel could care less about her actions. Amitiel finally managed to corner the demon in a dark alley, though the demon was close enough to strike her until Raziel threw his sword right through the man, injuring the demon in the process. Raziel successfully exorcised the demon out of the man’s body, leaving the man unharmed as if his sword had never pierced him. Despite she could have been killed if Raziel had not intervened, Amitiel remained calm and stoic and insisted they must go to True Cross Academy.

Amitiel was enrolled around the same time Shiemi enrolled in the cram school to become an exorcist. She went by the name Hana Tanaka, who was the name of the vessel Amitiel currently occupies. Her introduction didn’t come off on a good start when Yukio prohibited her from leaving in the middle of class, despite she insisted she was looking for something and it wasn’t in the class. When Yukio ordered her to sit down, she threatened Yukio by placing her blade at his throat, provoking Rin to intervene. The two got into an argument which resulted in Amitiel driving her blade against his throat and Rin ramming her against the blackboard. Just when Rin was about to punch Amitiel (despite she seemed unthreatened), Yukio broke the fight and sent Amitiel to Mephisto’s office for detention while also confiscating her duel blades. Amitiel disobeyed and decided to explore True Cross Academy to search for the son of Satan. Instead, she comes across Mephisto in his Scottish Terrier form, although she saw through his disguise and merely looks bored and unsurprised, completely aware of his true identity as Samael. He questions her about her first day of school, unbeknownst of her identity as the archangel Amitiel, in which she replied as “brutal”. Mephisto figured out she had gotten into an argument with Rin and tells her he is quite different and “special”, which piqued her interest (and suspicions) about Rin Okumura.

Powers and Abilities 

  • Amitiel owns two small angelic blades adorned with intricate symbols and blessed with silver. When a demon is cut by these blades, their regenerative abilities cannot heal for a period of time. Also, the blades' touch has the same sense as being burned by holy water towards demons.
  • When she combines her blades while chanting a verse in Latin, she summons her angelic sword, Caliel. Caliel is named after the deceased Archangel of Justice, who fell in the battle of Heaven. Only Amitiel is worthy of brandishing it and it will smite anyone else who wields it. It behaves similarly to that of a demon sword.
  • Amitiel has a very vast knowledge on many ancient fatal verses, and due to her being an angel, her invocation abilities exceed human strength. She can exorcise a demon by smiting without harming the individual.
  • Lie Detection: Amitiel’s greatest power is the ability to tell whether someone is lying. 
  • Superhuman strength: As an angel, Amitiel possesses godly strength. 
  • Agility/endurance: Amitiel can remain in battle for a very long period of time and not tire out. She is also very flexible and in tune with her surroundings, so she can very easily dodge attacks.
  • Teleportation: Amitiel is able to fly at the speed of light, thus it appears as teleportation.
  • Telepathy: Amitiel is able to mentally communicate with other angels and humans.
  • Telekinesis: Amitiel is shown to be telekinetic, as demonstrated when she mentally lifts the boxes off Konekomaru’s hands during the Impure King arc.
  • Smiting: Amitiel is able to exorcise a demon from possession by placing her hand on the vessel’s body and emit light to banish the demon. This leaves the victim harmless and with memory loss of the possession.
  • Spectral Awareness: As an angel, she is able to see the supernatural beings that exists in Assiah.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Amitiel’s angelic nature allows her to heal almost instantly from fatal injuries, including broken limbs, within a matter of seconds or minutes. She can also heal others in an instant, though she rarely does unless the individual truly deserves it.
  • Summoning: Amitiel was shown to summon angelic seals for the Exwires. These seals are used to summon her in an emergency, such as if the son of Satan loses control.
  • Lamb’s blood: An angel’s greatest weakness. Like demons with holy water, angels have a weakness against lamb's blood. When someone paints lamb's blood on a door or doorway, the angel cannot enter. This is derived from Passover, when the Angel of Death couldn't slaughter first borns in Egypt because of lamb's blood painted on the doorways of homes. When an angel is trapped in a ring of lamb’s blood, the angel’s powers are stripped to that of a human.
  • Aureola Febris (Halo Fever): A defensive state when an angel is mortally wounded by demonic means. This happens when an angel’s halo is wounded. It is very rare to harm an angel as they are skilled at protecting their haloes. In this state, the angel becomes very aggressive and deadly in an effort to defend itself. Some of the angel’s abilities increase in power, however, healing is ineffective. Halos are similar to demonic hearts and can result in an angel’s death if destroyed.


  • It is rare for people to believe in angels, since they are not as well known as demons. People say the existence of God and angels is just a theory to explain the existence and origin of demons. 
  • Angels never possess a living thing, it would be intruding and offensive towards the bearer of the body. Angels wait until the bearer passes on before the angel uses its body. Demons steal living bodies, whereas angels use "empty" bodies. 
  • Hana Tanaka is actually the name of the vessel she's using, she uses this name as her alias. 
  • Very stubborn, especially when she develops free-will. 
  • Amitiel is technologically impaired, she can't even hold up a phone correctly.  
  • She sleeps 7 hours a day on average (Angels don't sleep however; their vessels still do). 
  • Eats anything edible, especially noodle and soy bean dishes such as Udon, Yakisoba (her favourite), Hiyayakko, Agedashidofu, and other dishes like Gyoza (dumplings) and Tempura. 
  • She deeply admires people who are brave and faithful. 
  • She regularly goes to the training room to practice on her skills with Raziel. 
  • Due to the fact she's from another dimension, she has no knowledge on human society. As the consequence, she can display the impression of being simple-minded in the humans' eyes. Rin jokes a lot about her being a "dumb blond". 
  • Angels are prohibited to kill a human, if they did — oh my god.  
  • Amitiel is omnilingual, though her main language is Latin. She also knows Shariam, the language of Gehenna/Hell, and Enochian (which is only an angelic scripture and not a language). 
  • Other weaknesses of angels are angelic wards, seals, holy fire, and the flames of Satan.  
  • Yukio becomes suspicious of her intentions, predicting she's a demon possessing a human girl to get close to Rin and strike him. He recalled his father saying his brother will be the main target for demons. He discovered abnormal things from Amitiel, such as the ability to heal quickly like a demon, but also resist the acidic effects of holy water, which baffled him. 
  • Kuro and Amitiel absolutely detest each other, due to her being an angel and Kuro a demon. Kuro gives Rin caution that Amitiel is dangerous and that he should avoid her. In other words, every single demon would hate her. 
  • Read the fanfiction on to learn more about Amitiel.


  • (When summoning Caliel) “Veritas aequitas, simul faciant unum pacem. Caliel, veni fora et serviemus tibi caelestem judicem, Amitiel”. (Truth and justice, together they make one master of peace. Caliel, come forth and serve thy heavenly judge, Amitiel). 
  • (To Rin) “You have a very strong will, I can see it. You have so much control over yourself and your mind. Most importantly, you always put other's lives above yours. That's the golden rule to being a mighty exorcist. I may not agree with your attitude, but—that's understandable, I guess...”  
  • (To Neuhaus and Izumo) "I would rather kill a demon than make it my ally. Why in hell would I make friends with blood-thirsty monsters?” 
  • (To Izumo) “Tamers are for the weak, I would rather be a part of the fight—in the action, than watch my familiar do it for me—to tell you the truth, I'm not a coward nor a bystander like you, Izumo." 
  • (To Rin) “Rin, it's religion. We're not studying some undiscovered phenomenon here.”  
  • (To Rin) "You have to look forward; let go, that's key to becoming stronger in spirit, Rin. You've all lost someone, and that's the burden of mortality. Human life is easily destroyed. Don't let the fear for death take over you, it will come at some point in a human's life, so accept it. When you become an exorcist, you will see much more death that you will be forced to accept." 
  • (To Rin) I stopped and helped... when I heard you scream." 
  • (To Izumo) “Why are you so attached to someone who isn't even related to you? You even sacrifice your own life for her." 
  • (To herself) “A demon... cannot have any love for a human—can it?” 
  • (About Amaimon) “He's... just as insane as the Devil himself.” 
  • (To Rin) “I don't know why… It's just whenever someone hurt you, I just wanted to hurt them back.I don't ever want to see someone I know get hurt.” 
  • (To Rin) We all have potential to be evil, but that doesn't mean we don't have the potential to be good. Just be honest with yourself, Rin. Don't always believe what your inner demon tells you, try and listen to your [inner] angel, it will help you combat against your demon." 
  • (To Rin) “Rin, Why... Why are you... WHY ARE YOU SATAN'S SON?!”